How to Rebuild Your Wardrobe After Losing Weight

Weight loss can be a tough thing to achieve, but one of the things that tends to motivate those who succeed is the idea of looking better at the end of it. If you have reached the point where you are at, or close to your goal weight, you are probably enjoying feeling healthier and looking great, but whether you’ve lost ten pounds or fifty, your old clothes are not going to fit any more!


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Many people refrain from buying much when they are losing weight, reasoning that with more weight to lose, they’ll only need clothes in their half way size for a few weeks or months. However, once you are at your goal size, it’s definitely time to rebuild your wardrobe, and while that can be a fun reward for all your hard work, it can also be difficult to literally build up your clothing from scratch. Money can also be an issue, because where you might normally pick up just a few new things each season, you now have to invest in everything from the basics up! Here are some tips.

Try a Personal Shopper

You may have been used to dressing your old body and have known what worked for you, but now your body shape has most likely changed, and perhaps some of the areas you used to cover up, like flabby upper arms or a big belly, are now things you are happy to show off. It takes time to rediscover your style when you’ve changed shape and size, so why not get a head start by seeking the advice of a personal shopper at a department store? You are not obliged to buy anything if you don’t want to, but they’ll give you some insight into the styles that suit you now. You can then look for similar styles in your new size at cheaper stores or online boutiques you like.

Shop for the Season

You are going to need everything you wear in your new size, but luckily you won’t need it all at once. If it is summer, you don’t need to worry about coats just yet. If it is winter, then swimwear probably isn’t a concern. Shop for the season you are in and you can stretch out the process of rebuilding your wardrobe over a year – though do of course look out for bargains on out of season stuff that won’t be out of style by the time you need to wear it, like jeans and jackets.

Think Capsule

To avoid having to buy too many pieces at once, look for things that are versatile enough to be part of a capsule wardrobe. Interchangeable top and bottom pieces and dresses that can go from day to night by changing shoes and accessories (because your existing accessory pieces will still fit!) will let you have something to wear for every occasion and make you look like you have more outfits than you actually do!

Shopping for your new, slimmer body can be really fun, and these tips can help you keep costs down and ensure you know what to wear for your new shape!

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