How to Make a Good Impression During Your First Nursing Job Interview

It can take several years for you to finish a nursing degree program and get your license, but it may take just as long for you to land your first job. Whether you want to work in a community clinic, private office or hospital, you need to present yourself in the right way that makes employers want to hire you as a new nurse. Even if the only experience you have is the time you spent doing clinical rotations in college, you can still make a great impression and snag a good job.

Do Your Research

Doing some simple research before your interview helps you come up with some questions to ask at the end. You might bring up the endoscope repair companies that the facility uses, talk about some of the research that doctors did in the past or talk about an award that the facility recently won. This will impress your interviewer and let that individual know that you already have some inside information. The interviewer may even offer you a job right on the spot.

Dress in Business Attire

It doesn’t matter if the nurses working there wear scrubs in colorful designs and running shoes because you still need to dress in business attire when going in for an interview. This shows that you are a professional and can set you apart from some of the applicants who show up in jeans and tee shirts. Though you do not need to wear a full suit, you should wear something with a professional look. Women might wear skirts that fall to the knee with button up shirts and high heels or flats, while men can wear pants, button up shirts and ties.

Follow Up Later

Always follow up your interview with either a phone call or an email. An email is generally the best option if the interviewer gave you his or her email address. Write a short email that includes a thank you for the time the person took to meet with you and a statement that you look forward to hearing back soon. Whether you call or email, reach out just once. Sending multiple emails or calling every few days can make you look too needy or immature. To ace your first nursing interview, do some research, dress properly and follow up with the interviewer later.

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