How to create the perfect couple’s bathroom

A bathroom, nowadays, has much more to it than just a room for bathing and cleansing. There’s always something special about doing your bathrooms a little extra, especially the shared bathrooms. There are ideas you could use to inspire your bathroom interior. A soothing experience, warm tub of water, exotic bathing salts, scented candles and most importantly, luxurious fittings make up for a perfect bathroom for couples. Here’s what you can do to enhance your shared bathroom, no matter what size it occupies in your abode.



Light wooden cabinets and storage racks add to the grandeur of a bathroom. Even a compact bathroom looks neat and exquisite with cabinets and adequate storage space. Not only will the cabinet look aesthetically pleasing, but will also help save space and stay organized with all the essentials placed in the right place. Do not forget to install water-proof cabinets in your bathroom.

  1. SINK

Integrated sinks are a must-have for modern couple bathrooms. Nobody would want an exposing plumbing in an otherwise elegant bathroom. Now you do not have to wait for your turn to use the basin by installing double-basin sinks depending on the size of the bathroom. If space is inadequate, go for a mounted vessel-cut sink or the one painted in shades of brown to match the furniture. Vintage style, deep bowl-shaped sink could also be your thing if there’s space sufficient for one sink. You can get the sink fixed on a granite countertop with vanity cabinets. Make sure you beautify the countertop with clay pots, candle stand, towel holder, soap dispenser and of course, flowers.


Standard lighting is a big no for a couple’s bathroom as it will probably steal the charm of the entire bathroom. Go for a pendant lighting like a small chandelier which is elevated at a safe distance from the bathtub. Use adjustable regulators to dim-lit or brighten up your lavatory. To give your bathroom a cozy touch, go for mirrored scones and bar-style wall lamps for lighting. Using CFL bulbs could be displeasing but you can use clam-shell lights or a bulb enclosed in damp-proof fiber sheet for the shower area. This will save energy and money while brightening up your lavatory in style. The vanity area, especially the mirror should be well lit-up for dressing up properly. A beaded pendant light will give a soft glow to the area while smoothly transitioning from the rest of the bathroom.


The most important part of any bathroom should not be mediocre and ordinary. The right design of fixtures is a necessity to keep up with the remarkable interiors of the couple bathrooms. Always go for the most-sought-after brands with exceptional after sales services. Take a note of the type of fixtures necessary for your bathroom from here.

  • The Shower

Rain Showers

These shower heads are protruding and exposing to give you a rain-like experience. These showers give a soothing and refreshing feeling like that of rain on a hot, sunny day. Broader the surface, better the experience. An ideal choice for couples, these showers are available with colorful lights, air-infusion for a bathing experience eerily similar to bathing in rains.

Shower Panels

Shower Panels could be slightly expensive but are totally worth the money. The panel comes with a thermostat and music system. Hand shower, body shower, basic tap, and shower are the key features of this amazing shower systems. You can go for color or lights that match the décor. Make sure your shower area is partitioned with high-quality toughened glass for a superior bathing experience.

Concealed showers

These showers go perfectly with the décor besides being space-saving. These are modestly designed to suit your subtly designed space. With amazing flow coverage, the shower comes with variants of flow like rain, mist, and waterfall. This could a great choice for couple’s bathrooms as these can be mounted to the ceiling without being exposed.

  • Faucets

Leak-proof and splash-proof faucets that are elegantly designed to suit your bathroom needs. Move over conventional faucets and explore the range of these minimalistic yet exquisite faucets which will also prevent wastage of water.

Rustic Faucets

Go with the trend and give your bathroom a vintage look with rustic, bronze faucets to blend in with the vintage-style bathrooms. The faucets are easy maintenance and are moderately priced. You can pick the type of water flow variant and rock your bathroom in style.

Metallic Faucets

The faucets are sleek, stainless steel body but with exceptional metallic finish. These faucets blend in with any type of bathroom. User-friendly features like single-pull up a handle, easy to clean surface are its USP.

Modern Mix Faucets

Another type of trendy faucets includes the rustic-modern mix which combines the user-friendliness of modern faucets with the beauty of rustic faucets. The rates could be on a higher side and so is the quality. You can completely rely on its longevity.

  • Bath Tubs

Bathtubs could be your thing if bathing under a shower is not your idea of a soothing bath experience. There is a multitude of bathtubs you could choose from. The elevated wooden spa-like bathtubs are ideal for a couple and a bathroom with wooden furniture and décor. You can also go for a mini-pool that befits the floor perfectly, giving an extremely blissful experience with your partner.

  • Mirrors

Always go for multiple mirrors if your bathroom is spread over a large area and a single, large mirror for a small bathroom. In both the cases, moisture-resistant and high-quality mirrors should be installed. Make sure the mirrors are not too far from the countertop that you literally have to lean on the countertop to peep into the mirror and too close that you bump into it. Use a wooden framed or light-bulb framed mirror to go with the trend and to discern the best image of yourself. Window shaped mirror or frame-less mirror could be your choice if the bathroom is subtly designed. An adjustable convex mirror is a must-have for your vanity area.

With these ideas, couples can now relish a pacifying bath without having to deal with awkward situations like bumping into the furniture or managing to bath under inadequately flowing showers. There’s nothing as essential as a beautifully done bathroom for couples. A long day at work can be turned into a refreshingly peaceful evening with a warm bath with your loved one.

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