How to Buy Perfumes Online Like an Expert and Spot Fakes

While clothes and fake handbags are unlikely to harm you, fake cosmetics like perfume can leave rashes or have even worse side-effects. You really can’t know what is inside them so you should always try to buy authentic when you can. Here are some of the top things you can do to ensure you never get your hands on a fake.

Only Shop at Verified Locations

If your goal is always to buy original perfumes online, you should make sure that you are always buying your perfumes from verified vendors. If the seller is legitimate, this means that they have a direct relationship with the manufacturer and they are less likely to get their hands on an accidental fake to add to their stock. If you are unsure whether a vendor is a legitimate stockist of a brand, don’t be afraid to reach out to that brand through social media channels to verify your concerns.

Learn the Notes

One of the disadvantages of buying perfume online is that we cannot smell it beforehand like we would in a shop. To get around this, you need to learn how to read the notes of a perfume; a handy shorthand which will tell you all you need to know about how it smells. A scent is split into top, middle and base notes and by reading and understanding all the different notes a perfume might have, you can make an educated approximation of both what the fragrance will smell like and whether or not it will suit you. This is an invaluable skill which can easily turn you into an online perfume shopping pro.

Research the Fakes

Don’t want to pick up a fake? Make sure you know what it looks like. There are forums and blogs all over the internet dedicated to letting you know exactly what a fake version of your favourite cosmetic item looks like. Head to these forums and share your own knowledge with these other fake-haters.

Copycats are able to get pretty close but there are some things they always miss when they are putting together their fakes. It could be as obvious as the wrong colour for the outer box or something as subtle as a missing serial number from a label. If you are concerned that you might be picking up a fake by mistake, you need to ensure that you know exactly how the box and the bottle should look. Head to these forums, learn what the tips and tricks are and make sure you keep on top of any new changes which are made. The harder you try to keep up with the forgers, the less likely it is that they will dupe you.

Fake perfumes are a real problem for the industry and you should always make sure you are buying legitimate fragrances whenever you can. Follow the steps outlined in this article and you will always ensure that you are laying your hands on a quality and verified bottle of scent.

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