How is the One Night Stand Perceived?

It’s 2 am. It’s Friday night and the only thing you’ve had down your throat this evening is vodka tonics and the dirty blonde who’s name you don’t care to remember.  The bar is ready to close up soon but the two of you are not done partying.  The choice is a bag of chips in the kebab shop which may well give you too much time to sober up; or back to theirs for a few warm coronas and a warm bed perhaps?

So you take a taxi back together and continue the party till the wee small hours.  Laughing, kissing and telling each other how beautiful you look tonight are all part of the fun.  A few more drinks perhaps (or maybe a coffee after you have stumbled in your Kurt Geiger’s through the door) and let the good times roll.

Next morning can be an awkward flurry of gathering up clothes and trying to rush out the door before his house-mates spot you.  Or it can turn ugly, he won’t leave and is hanging around until well into Saturday Kitchen.  You’ve politely made him a cup of tea and after another hour you make your excuses as to having a date with your nursing home granny for lunch and no he can’t come.


The problem is with a one night stand, is can be a drunken bit of fun when both parties want the same thing.  However once the curtains are drawn and the sheets need to be changed, a cold harsh reality sets in.  So how do men and women actually feel about each other after a one night stand?  What vibe does it give off to the other person?  The general consensus for both parties was that one night stands were a bit of fun and nothing more.  As lovely as the night may be, one night stands make no room for potential partners or someone you would like to take home to mum (or granny).

A one night stand gives off a slightly sleazy vibe; they are generally not something you can build a relationship on.  The reason being is that once that barrier has been broken, there’s no going back.  There’s no room for playing hard to get or trying to be aloof as you have already given up the goods at the first hurdle.  Of course there is an exception to the rule where one couple did go on to get married I suppose but remember it’s called an exception for a reason.

Some of the women I spoke to admitted that one night stands were not for them, purely for emotional reasons.  Some women will just generally get attached too quickly; once opening up sexually and emotionally to someone to not have this followed through with a relationship or even a second date can be too detrimental for them.

Men will generally feel elated, manly and full of meaty testosterone the night after a one night stand.  Whereas women will generally feel like they have just unwittingly notched another pointless gash on the bedpost.  As fun as it maybe there’s always a slight hint of shamefulness when your flagging a cab down in last night’s undies

Going into a one night stand can be like going into battle, you need lots of protection and not let your emotions get involved if you’re going to make it through the night.  Hard hats and hard hearts at the ready.  The only way to salvage any dignity is to scuttle out the door early enough leave him wanting more and hope that you wore jeans out that night instead of a micro mini when trying to flag your cab down.

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