How Important is Money in a Man?

How much emphasis do we put on money when searching for an appropriate suitor?  Is it a factor inbred into our nervous systems when looking for our prince (or pauper)?  Oh none I hear you cry?  Money doesn’t matter it’s the person inside and that’s all that matters you say?  OK I believe you….  However there are of course out there obvious gold-diggers who wouldn’t even entertain the idea of dating a man who didn’t earn a comfortable 3 holidays a year, 80k and above.  These women are the obvious kind of money orientated women who believe that St Tropez and Dubai is part and parcel of having an affluent boyfriend.  These women you will usually find propped up against a pole or on searching for a meal ticket to feed their 5 kids.  These are not the lawyers and barristers of the world, oh no.  These are the women who couldn’t make their own money and are looking for someone who does.


Diamonds – A Girl’s Best Friend?

Nonetheless you don’t need to be so obvious with the wealthy attributes to realise what you will put up with and what you won’t.  There are plenty of my girlfriends who are more than happy to date men who earn less than them and I feel that is very commendable.  How much less is anyone’s guess?  Many men I know don’t feel comfortable with that especially if the wage gap is more than about 10k.  However many man would relish in this prospect of having a 21 century business like woman on their arm.  However there are a number of my girlfriends who have a strict policy of how much a guy should earn and what type of car he drives.  Mercedes tick; Renault Clio keep driving.  They believe that a man should pay for the restaurant, for the holiday and for the jewels.  If they expect all this from their partner then they should not be expected to be treated like an equal.  Instead expect to perform favours on tap and be dropped for someone younger, thinner and prettier in 6-8 months.

Some women consider it merely wanting to feel ‘looked after’.  I use the term loosely because unless you are a bed wetting 5 year old then being able to look after yourself should be second nature in a grown up’s world.  This can boil back to traditions where men were seen as the breadwinner and the woman stayed at home baking bread and baring children.  However in the day and age where women want to be seen as more and more equal especially when it comes to money, to only date men who earn more than you seems rather un equal.  It reverts back to the man being in control and the woman a submissive to his wallet.  It’s no more than what a lady of the night does, sleeps with men for money.   Gold digging women are just a glorified tanned version of a street walker who’s possibly trying to make a better life for herself and her children.


Peter Jones – Does Money Make the Man?

For all you ladies out there earning a respectable 25k and above, would the idea of entertaining a man on a meagre 15k salary excite you?  Probably not no, does that mean you should dump him?  Probably not no.  The questions you need to ask yourself before hitting delete are reasons why he is earning what he’s earning?  Is it lack of ambition or just a situation where he is trying to better himself and has to work his way up from the bottom.  Simply putting complete emphasis on how much the guy earns is very shallow.  Ok so we may look unimpressed when he rolls up in a Primark suit and pays for dinner with a voucher off of his bus ticket but he could be a really sweet guy who believes there is more to life than money.  He may rather be doing a job that he loves for less pay than work in hideous office with bonuses, suits and company laptops.  If that is the case then don’t let money get in the way of true happiness.  However if he is just a lazy stoner working in Burger King, then him and the Renault Clio can keep driving.

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