How Far Would You Go For The One You Love?

How far is too far?  Is there such a thing?  It’s one thing following your man to the pub when he wants to watch football and you want to be seen as the ‘supportive girlfriend’.  It’s another thing perhaps when he wants you to follow him to the other ends of the earth.  To another country for work, for a year or maybe longer.  He’s been offered a job in south East Asia, his company will pay for him and you to leave and start a new life there.  It’s his dream job, its great money and you will get a nice apartment to live in.  The perfect set up, so what’s stopping you?


Your job for one, you have a job that you love and you have spent the last 3 years trying to build up a sound career for the company you work for.  All your friends and family of course are here.  You see your mum every week for a catch up.  Aunties, uncles and cousins all within driving distance and those impromptu Saturdays with the girls will seem like a distance memory.  You won’t know the language and will spend the majority of your days pointing at things and talking very loudly into your dim sum.  What happens if you can’t find a job for months?  No job and having to make new friends as an adult is always going to be difficult if not detrimental to your self-esteem (especially if you’re not working).  How do you make friends when you’re on the other side of the world with possibly no job for a good few months?  You make friends with his friends wives and become ‘that’ girl for a while until you find your feet.

So is swapping Sambuca for Saki as scary as it sounds?

There are so many plus points of living abroad (especially if your airfare is paid for).  You get to experience a completely different way of life.  People will be interested in you as a foreigner and will take an interest in your accent and your mannerisms.  It’s always a good talking point as a newbie.  You get to learn a new language as you go.  Most people say that living in a country for 3 months you pick up the basics in that time.  Your boyfriend will be forever in debt to you.  ‘What do you mean I can’t have those earrings?’  ‘I moved to Asia for you!’  You could only have some fun with this for so many months though I’d imagine.


You get to stay with the one that you love and you don’t have to go through the wretched turmoil that is long distances break up.  (Eventually a break up is inevitable for most I’m afraid if you become long distance lovers).  You always get to come back to your home town whenever the airfare will allow it.  There’s the wonders of Skype now which is a really good substitute when contacting the girls and family.  Finding out about a whole other part of the world and being privileged enough to live there.  Not many people get given an opportunity to move to another country and start a fresh.  You can draw a clean slate where nobody knows you.  Plus your friends get a free hotel for a few weeks when they come to visit.

I’m always secretly hoping that my boyfriend gets offered a job to other than Hull one of these days.

Do you do it purely for the one you love though?  The answer to that is always going to be down to the couple themselves.  What may work for one won’t work for another and hey there’s always Skype?!

Personally I would like to think I would relish the chance to move to another place if my partner was shipped over somewhere else.  Even if it was Hull, now that’s love for you.

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