How Do You Bounce Back When The Chips are Down?

Life has a habit of sending us testing situations to navigate during our life. When these things happen it is not always easy to bounce back. Having had a few of these moments in my life I know a thing or two about this. It can be a huge challenge remaining positive when testing times visit you. In this weeks video I offer my reflections, just hours after receiving some not so good news and feeling pretty rough!

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About Adam Shaw

Adam Shaw grew up within the grounds of a Psychiatric Hospital, where his parents worked and lived. Since commencing his own career as a health professional in 1992, he has qualified in several fields of health, including nursing, Reiki, NLP, Hypnosis and Vortex Healing. During his career he has worked with thousands of people with health challenges, journeying into the deeper-rooted realms of wellness. He has now created The Secrets of a Cardiac Nurse - The Prescription Doctors Don't Give, a step-by-step guide to better health and wellbeing and now shares his learnings through writing, speaking and events. He provides on-line resources via his website Follow Adam on Twitter @adam_shaw
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