How Can I Raise My Energy Levels?

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Thank you for your question on how to raise your energy levels and whether it could be supplemented by diet. As a Life Coach I am not a nutritionist but it seems quite evident from what you’re talking about that your decreased energy levels and decreased immunity may be based on iron deficiency.

I would suggest iron deficiency as my first port of call because of the hair loss, the brittle nails, the fatigue and the fainting and dizzy spells that you’ve been having. It is indeed a most common nutritional deficiency in our modern diet and it’s possible that even as many as 1 in 4 people could be lacking in iron.

Alternatively it could be a B12 deficiency because in addition to the symptoms you gave me you have also expressed that you feel quite angry. By not knowing the other symptoms or potential causes for this, it is difficult to jump to any conclusion with 100% satisfaction, however in a recent study of 100 people the majority of people who were anaemic we also found to be deficient in B12.

Therefore if you do not want to go to the doctor – although I heavily advise that you do – you may find  some relief from having a combined multi-vitamin tablet that includes iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin C. I choose vitamin C to be taken with these tablets, either as part of one tablet or in addition because a lot of what I’ve suggested to you helps vitamin C helps the absorption of such. There are many products available be it from high street shops such as Holland & Barrett and GNC or online reputable companies such as GoldShield and Health Span.

However before you jump on the bandwagon of introducing supplements into your diet, which I know you have suggested, I would highly recommend buying a juicer or blender and trying to find natural alternatives for these vitamins. You will find  that green leafy vegetables also play a part in a lot of the things that you may be lacking so I suggest Googling the items of fruit or vegetable you enjoy and seeing how many of these contain iron, B12, folic acid and vitamin C.  Whatever you can’t naturally increase in your diet perhaps then supplement with nutrition.

In addition it is always good to increase the antioxidants in your system as you have mentioned a decrease in your immune system and these are highly sought after to increase your immunity.

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