How Adjusters can Help with Insurance Claims

When circumstances arise that require filing an insurance claim, hiring an adjuster can make the process much simpler. Dealing with the damages to a home is stressful and often the homeowner begins to feel like the insurance company is trying to find ways to deny their claim. The insurance company will have an adjuster to assess the extent of the damage. They may offer less than it takes to repair the damage. They can also deny the claim.

What does an Adjuster Do?

The hiring of national public adjusters can help with the homeowner’s claim and provide peace of mind in a stressful time. The insurance company has the advantage in a situation when a claim is filed. Many homeowners do not know they can hire an adjuster and believe they have to accept what the insurance offers even if it is a denied claim. They also do not always understand the language used in the policies.

When hiring an adjuster through a service such as City Connect, the claimant will definitely have an advantage. If the claim is more than $10,000, it is probably wise to hire a public adjuster. The adjuster will assist with preparing the claim as well as presenting it and obtaining the highest settlement amount.

The adjuster will read the insurance policy to understand everything that is covered.
They look at the damage and estimate how much it will cost to restore everything to the way it was before the damage. They submit their information and negotiate a settlement which can be more than what the homeowner would have received by handling the claim themselves.

They are paid a percentage of the money from this settlement so it is in their best interest to do a thorough job of representing the claimant. In some states the public adjuster receives a flat fee regardless of the outcome of the claim.

The loss of a home or business or damage to either is an emotional time. Many times the insurance company will discourage the idea of hiring a public adjuster. This is because they generally want to pay the least amount on a claim. An adjuster knows how the insurance business works. They are just as knowledgeable as the insurance companies and will work to get claimants the maximum amount to which they are entitled.

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