Homeopathy Works According to Swiss Health Regulators

Under pressure from its own people and the medical profession in general, the Swiss Government decided to set up its own committee to review the scientific validity of the main holistic therapies. The first among them was homeopathy, which was routinely prescribed by about 40% of the Swiss GPs in the 1990’s (according to Boiron), and of course Naturopathy / Herbal medicine, which has a long tradition in Switzerland.

The conclusion is clear: there is sufficient evidence to recommend homeopathy for its effectiveness, safety and economy compared with conventional treatment. This is another evidence that conventional medicine on the continent is more open to homeopathic treatment. The conclusion will allow the national health insurance programme to cover homeopathic treatment at a wider scale. Also, Universities are now busy setting up homeopathic course for the medical comprehension.

The study looked at the evidence for Homeopathy from randomized double-blind and placebo controlled clinical trials. They also took proper scientific account of the many systematic reviews and meta-analyses, outcome studies, and epidemiological research studies that have been undertaken. For example, the report concluded that 20 of the 22 systematic reviews of clinical research testing homeopathic medicines detected at least a trend in favour of homeopathy.

Most of the major European health systems support in one form or another homeopathy. Research is publicly funded in France and Germany, and more and more doctors in Eastern Europe use it in their practice.

Let us hope that the UK will one day accept the evidence shown in the Swiss report and start using complementary therapy along conventional drugs. This report shows that it is in general safer, cheaper and in line with what the public demands.

For more details about this news, which was overlooked by most media in the UK, please refer to:

Huffington Post. The Swiss Government’s Remarkable Report on Homeopathic Medicine. Published 15 February 2011.

EFHPA. L’Homéopathie est efficace d’après un rapport fédéral suisse. Published 03 January 2012.

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