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Depression is an emotion, we can all identify with. Disappointment, loss, stress or frustration can put anyone in a temporary tailspin. And these are parts of our lives.

However, one is clinically depressed if four of the following are present for at least 2 weeks: sadness, decreased appetite, sleep disturbances, loss of interest or sex drive, fatigue, low self-esteem, excessive guilt, decreased ability to concentrate, indecision and thoughts of death.

This type of pervasive depression is now said to affect between 10 and 20% of the British population, with no proven relations to socioeconomic factors. Women may suffer 2-3 times more than man, and depression in young people have tripled since the 50s.

How can homeopathy and an integrated approach help?

While anti-depressants or herbal therapies such as St John’s Wort can have their place at the start of a depression, especially if there are risks to life or of self-harming, they do not address the deep underlying causes or biological abnormalities that trigger depressive states. Only a deep integrated approach can help someone fully cure its depression. Most of our clients require work in these 3 areas:

Work at a physical level
About two-thirds of people suffering from depression also suffer from a chronic physical conditions, such as arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, chronic pain or lung disease. Improving these issues and re-nourishing the body will be a necessary part of the therapy. One can’t have a well-functioning nervous system if the body struggles.

Thousands of chemicals, pollutants, heavy metals and pharmaceutical drugs are known toxins to the nervous system. Even common food are known to impact some people. Improving your diet, and removing the damage of these toxins is a key part of the therapy.

Addressing the trauma and deep causes of the depression
Many sufferers can link their depression to a sudden trauma, such as a broken love affair, a violent assault, a separation or a diagnosis. These can be addressed amazingly well with homeopathy. However, as common are subtle insidious traumas, such as being brought up in a dysfunctional family, constant bullying or working in an unfit environment will also create unconscious lasting damages that may need to be addressed. Consultations, which allow the client to speak freely and understand and integrate his or her own life drama will then be an essential part of the treatment.

To know more on our approach on helping our clients with depression or in emotional crisis, please find an interview, I gave about approaches to depression.

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