Homeopathy and Men’s Health

impotenceLike other holistic practitioners, the vast majority of my patients are female or children. However, it is estimated that in Europe, 1 in 10 adult men suffer from erectile dysfunction, or that in the UK, 75% of all suicides are male. There is definitely a psychological block for many men to discuss their inner health issues, even to a practitioner. For example, in my experience, it usually takes longer with a male client to create the level of trust necessary for deeper work.

We will cover a few of the major issues that afflict men, and where an approach based on homeopathy, lifestyle and nutrition can greatly help.

Impotence / Erectile Dysfunction

This is increasingly common for men over 30. Apart from obvious psychological factors such as self-esteem & lack of confidence, there is also a physiological cause. About 80% of sufferers also suffer from circulatory problems, medications’ side effects, diabetes, blood pressure and prostate problems. Smoking, the use of other recreational drugs, obesity and depression are also known possible causes. All of these have an impact on the hormonal system, especially the thyroid and the adrenal glands, who regulate our energy and stress levels. Erectile problems are usually a knock-on effect of this imbalanced hormonal system.

For such a chronic issue, it is important to address it seriously, ideally after a thorough analysis with a qualified health practitioner. A treatment is likely to include a combination of approaches, and is likely to address at least nutritional deficiencies (which are always present for chronic issues) and hormonal support. An individualised support to assist with the main causes, such as circulatory issues, emotional problems and rebalance the whole hormonal and reproductive systems will also need to be included. In spite of its popularity and known side-effects, Viagra does not offer this!

A combination of supplements, herbal support, homeopathy and lifestyle changes is a very effective approach. Contact us if you need more information.

Prostate Issues

The 2 most common issues for men are prostate cancer and Benign Prostate Enlargement, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH).

In my consultation, prostate cancer patients have usually opted for a holistic support alongside conventional medicine, and this seems to have made their journey much easier.
For prostate enlargement, medical drugs are not very effective with a success rate of about 37% compared to 90% for herbal therapy and supplements according to a German study. With age, the prostate gland gradually becomes more toxic and enlarges. By doing so, it compresses the urethra, and urinary problems begin to manifest. The toxicity is in most cases due by an over-load of sexual hormones and especially a by-product of testosterone, known as DHT (dehydrotestosterone). Those changes encourages the concentration of Testosterone in the prostate. Other causes are metal toxicity, with nickel and cadmium the most common found.

For optimal results, a holistic treatment should be tried for 6 to 12 months, and be measured by an improvement of overall symptoms (urination issues, sexual weakness) as well as a marked reduction of the size of the prostate.

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