Helpful Speed Dating Tips for Newbies

As odd as it seems, many people still turn to speed dating. They use speed dating as a way to meet new people, connect with them and establish real rapport. If speed dating is something that you want to try out but have no clue how to do it, this post is just for you. Below, we discuss some helpful speed dating tips for newbies to help them get started.

Don’t be Shy

Listen; everyone is there to meet new people. Of course, you might be looking for a date, or more, but all of you are there for the same reason. Because of that, you must be able to show your best stuff in just 5 minutes. Relax a little and be bold. After all, you don’t have to worry about seeing someone again if they don’t like you.

Silence is Totally Unacceptable 

When speed dating, always be ready to talk. The whole idea of speed dating is getting to know people quickly. Because of that, you must share as much as you can about yourself, as well as ask questions. We suggest that you go prepared with a few topics that you may want to discuss. Remember, speed dating is not like playing nz online casino games where you play alone!

Be Ready With Your Questions

Never expect the other person to ask all the questions. It’s boring! Instead, have your own question ready. Remember, your questions should be too serious like asking someone if they are ready for marriage. A question like their favourite colour has more substance.

‘No’ is Powerful

Speed dating allows you to decline certain offers. Remember, you don’t have to be friends with everyone you meet. Rather, you are there to find people that you’re compatible with. So, if you don’t like something that’s said or suggested, simply say no. Maybe the reason they said ‘No” is because you love online sport betting and they like going to movies as part of their entertainment. On the other hand, be prepared to get a no as well.

Get a Number

When you feel the right vibe, ask for a number. Many people love an initiative partner. Just make sure that you read all the right clues and then make your move. It will save you time and the hassle of asking from the organisers. We suggest that you make your move towards the end of the conversation.

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