Hay Fever Crisis in Cambridge

hayfeverCompared to last year, hay fever (or allergic rhinitis as it is called medically) has been mild. Only a handful of customers have been coming for every week. More information below to help your friends find the right approach about their seasonal allergy.

While most people put up with this form of allergy, from my point of view, and also of many holistic practitioners, hayfever is a major disturbance of the body’s self-regulating mechanisms, and should be addressed seriously.

From a holistic point of view, what causes hayfever?
Medically, hay fever is caused by a build-up of histamine, and for this reason, the first type of medications are anti-histamines. Histamine is a naturally occurring substance in the body that has many functions. In essence, the level of histamines will increase locally or generally when there is stress in the body. For example, a cut or a wound will increase histamines in the area, and this will trigger an inflammation and then a healing response.

What doctors fail to tell you is that basically everything increases histamine level in the body: the food, we eat (histamine is a key part of the digestive process), emotional stress (histamine is a neurotransmitter), and physical stress. Being dehydrated will increase significantly histamine levels.

Hay fever sufferers have a very high level of histamine when they suffer from hay fever but also at the time when they do not appear to suffer (such as winter). Because of this, their level of histamines can reach the symptoms threshold when being exposed to innocuous stressors, such as pollen, dust, animal hair or plant moulds. The job of a health practitioner is to find the cause of the high level of histamines, and set up a plan to reduce it.

How to reduce the symptoms of hayfever and address it in the long term
Beside trying to stay away from known stressors, there are several simple approaches that can alleviate the condition. To know more, check the full article on my website.

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