Have You Eaten Your Fruit Today?

Fruit are one of the best sources of vitamins, natural sugars and other components that are beneficiary to human health. Many berries have been claimed to contain valuable antioxidants that prevent oxidative damage to cells and can thus potentially help prevent cancer. Vitamins also help prevent other diseases and an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

In addition to all the health benefits, fruits are absolutely delicious! One of my favourite desserts in early summer are strawberries soaked in honey with fresh milk: half your fresh strawberries, sprinkle honey over them and mix. Then let them stand to allow a syrup to form in your bowl. Add cold fresh milk and enjoy! This is a fantastic summer dessert and in fact also a great breakfast.

When you eat fruit, make sure you vary them to get the maximum health benefits. Do not eat them in the evening, but rather in the morning or instead of a chocolate bar as a snack at work.

It is recommended to take five different fruits a day. This slogan has penetrated the markets of the English-speaking world and is not necessarily true. Variety is important, but do not feel that you have to spend a lot of money to satisfy this valiant statement. The good ol’ English apple and pear will do just fine and save you money. Also, keep an eye what fruits are seasonal and it will make the world of a difference to your wallet.

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One Response to Have You Eaten Your Fruit Today?

  1. Louis Maurati says:

    Great article! I love a bowl of blueberries in the morning to start my day. I’ve also just bought a juicer and I’ve been using all kinds of fruits (and veggies) to make some deliciously nutirious drinks in the morning. My energy levels have improved throughout the day and I am more productive. Such an easy way to benefit your overall well being.