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Happy Days – The Musical was a very good experience. The musical is based on the TV Series. We are back in the world of The Fonz.

Henry Winkler who played the original Fonz is creative consultant and I think that’s why so much stayed from the TV show.

The show centres around Arnold’s the infamous diner, which could close because of a property giant buying up the area. Can they raise enough money to keep it going?

Joannie and Chachi want to date, but it’s awkward, not helped when Chachi (thrilled with Joannie getting Richie’s car) says; ‘It has a big back seat.’ Enter Mr Cunningham, and Chachi quickly says, ’which we’ll never use!’

Mrs. Cunningham’s getting tired of staying in the kitchen and wants more life but this is difficult for a 1950s housewife. Can she convince her husband to let her try her hand in the business?

One idea they come up to raise money is for The Fonz to wrestle the Malachi brothers! Then to The Fonz’s surprise his old flame Pinky returns to town for the event. What will he do?

The musical stars Cheryl Baker as Mrs. Cunningham, Heidi Range as Pinky and Ben Freeman as The Fonz. There were plenty of good songs and inspired dance routines.

The wrestling scenes were very humorous. There’s good comedy throughout.

With most of the action at Arnold’s I think this limited the story and basic plots became necessary. It also limited the sets.

The only problem I had was the sets. One wall had ‘diner style’ public toilet doors etched on them nearly all throughout, even when the set changed to the Cunningham’s home! It was all very basic and the décor was hardly inspired. Arnolds had only two benches and a jukebox. The floor was a red tile pattern and this didn’t change either. Even when The Fonz was driving along on the road, he was driving on floor tiles!

Enjoyable yes, but hardly Oscar material. In addition, the set changes occurred whilst the singing was on, I found that a bit distracting. When one wall piece became stuck, to their credit the team carried on and it didn‘t affect the show. (It did get resolved).

However, it was a good afternoon out. Once you hear the Happy Days tune, it always makes you want to rock. Good music and very good acting will transport you back to the 1950s for a while. Moreover, you’ll be humming that theme tune as well. Go on!

A worthy 8/10 from me!

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