Hair-obics: Shape Up Your Hair

Regular exercise does not just benefit your body and mind. Believe it or not you can actually improve the condition of your hair too through exercise. So shape up and get your hair working out for a change. By stimulating the hair supply, which carries vital nutrients to your scalp, you will also help to promote healthy new hair. The better the condition of the hair coming out of the follicles, the more your hair will be able to withstand the stresses and strains of daily life. So give your lacklustre locks a treat with a ‘hairobics’ home routine!

hair sweep hairstylingtoolsinfoDOTcomThe best way to exercise your scalp is by manual hand massage. Just a few minutes per week will make a noticeable difference, increasing the circulation to your hair and scalp bringing nutrients, oxygen and beneficial hormones to the hair follicles. It can even make it grow faster. An added bonus is that you will stroke away the tension that can cause headaches. Include the back of your neck and forehead too for full benefits. If you have dry hair you can combine the massage with a nourishing hot oil hair treatment to help penetrate the cuticle ( outer layer) of the hair. For maximum effect with the minimum amount of effort sit on a chair and lower your head between your knees. Once you feel comfortable, put your hands on your knees and hold this position for five minutes.

Keep a Clear Head

There is a lot you can do to keep your hair in good condition and prevent disorders. Such as; Eat a well balanced diet, Avoid dairy produce, nuts, bananas and fatty foods if you suffer from a scaly scalp or dandruff. Do not go on crash diets. Plan sensible low-calorie menus and take vitamin or mineral supplements. Do not worry if you lose hair in autumn, it is normal seasonal loss due to the change in weather. Do not use heated styling appliances too often and avoid using metal toothed combs. Always protect your hair in the sun with special conditioners and sun hats. Make sure you get your hair trimmed regularly and have a deep conditioning treatment regularly.

Keep Your Hair On

If your hair is coming out in handfuls and you are starting to look like your balding male relative then you may have to get straight to the root of the problem! 90% of all women’s hair loss is only temporary and not as serious as you may first think. Every hair has a life cycle of its own which ends with it falling out to make room for a new one. At any one time only 80% of your hair is growing. The growing phase lasts two-six years, and the length of time your hair takes to grow will determine the length you can grow your hair. This explains why some people can grow very long hair while others cannot get their hair past their shoulders. It is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day. This sounds a lot but it is not when we realise that we each have a total of 90,000 to 150,000 hairs on our heads! The longer your hair is, the more you will notice the loss because the length makes it look more in a brush. If you are seriously losing your hair you will notice a loss of over 10-50% of the hairs on any one area of your head.

Quick Check

Make a quick diagnosis of the possible cause of your hair loss by looking closely at the roots of the hairs where it is thinnest. If the ends are blunt-your hair is breaking off rather than falling out and you need to look at the general condition of your hair. Over processed, bleached and permed hair is more susceptible to breakage. If the ends are tapered-your hair has been falling out from the roots.

Loss Causes

There are several common causes of hair loss. Lack of vitamins B and C and the minerals Zinc, iron and sulphur may be prime causes, and so it follows that crash diets can often result in more hair loss rather than weight loss! Severe shock and bereavement is another common cause. Menstruation, taking contraceptives and pregnancy can also contribute. Short and long term illness as well as some drugs and medical treatments can also result in hair loss.

What You Can Do

Daily scalp massage, take extra mineral and vitamins, use gels and mousses as a temporary way to make your hair look thicker until it recovers. Keep your hair in as good condition as possible. Cut down on the amount of colouring and heated straightening to avoid drying it out. Check your combs and brushes are not too fine and always brush your hair gently. If you are feeling self-conscious about excessive hair loss try using a fake hairpiece like a ponytail or bun etc until your hair grows back but be very careful when attaching them with grips and pins as they can pull out fragile hair.

Good luck!

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