Hair Care Tricks: 8 Ways to Get the Healthy Locks You’ve Always Wanted

Healthy hair is a dream for many but is often difficult to achieve. After sun exposure, hair dyes, drying, straightening, and curling, your hair requires some TLC. Fortunately, even the most damaged hair can grow back bouncy and shiny – it just takes a little effort and patience! Here are six ways to get the healthy locks you’ve always wanted.

1: Take Your Vitamins

It’s true – beauty always starts from the inside. By getting enough zinc, biotin, iron, and vitamins, you ensure your body receives what it needs to strengthen your strands. Have a look at supplements from Noors Vitamins, where you can find multivitamins that specifically target your hair’s health.

2: Use Castor Oil

Castor oil is a thick, sticky oil packed with fatty acids. By putting it on your hair and scalp, you give your head the moisture it needs for luxuriously soft strands. Plus, many people swear by castor oil for treating hair loss, with those suffering from alopecia using it to promote new hair growth.

The consistency is quite thick, making it difficult to coat your hair on its own, so try mixing it with other moisturizing oils such as coconut oil or argan oil.

3: Cold Water Rinsing

A burst of cold water throughout your hair after washing will close up your strand’s cuticles, making your dried hair bouncy and shiny. The next time you wash your hair, remember to run some cold water at the end and coat your hair in the cold stuff – it might be a little chilling, but it’ll work wonders for your locks!

4: Stay Hydrated

The benefits of drinking plenty of water are endless, and it includes giving your hair a healthy dose of moisture. By staying hydrated, you ensure your scalp doesn’t dry out and that your locks become strong and healthy.

5: A Tailored Shampoo 

Specific hair products can do wonders whether you have thick, fine, frizzy, textured, straight, or silky hair – any hair type! Tailoring your shampoo and conditioner is one of the best ways to nourish your locks and reach the hair goals you are striving for.

6: Protection

It’s always easier to protect than it is to treat. So, the next time you’re drying your hair or going out into the sun, make sure you give it the protection it deserves. A heat protection spray is essential for those heated styles, and wearing a hat outside will help make sure the sun doesn’t dry out your strands.

7: Dry with a T-Shirt

The fibers in regular bath towels damage your hair when drying, so instead, use an old t-shirt to wrap your hair in when you get out of the shower. Remember to leave the brushing until your hair is dry; otherwise, you run the risk of breakage!

8: Trim Little and Often

It’s a myth that trimming your hair will make it grow faster, but it does make it grow healthier. If you suffer from split or dry ends, getting your hair trimmed little and often will help keep your looking strong, thick, and healthy.

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