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Its 2020, and the start of a new year begins with several promises, either made to yourself or made to your significant other. A healthy relationship is a good relationship, and it takes time, patience and sacrifice to make one. In the famous words of Gloria Steinem:

“Far too many people are looking for the right person, instead of trying to be the right person.”

Every romantic relationship goes through its ups and downs, and this is the only aspect that makes your relationship even stronger. As mentioned before, every relationship requires strong dedication and the will to love, and if your dedication is not on your relation and more towards something else, which can be anything from playing slot games at online casinos or any casino sister sites to something else more bizarre and less important, you’ll eventually lose your relationship.

That is why today, we’ll be disclosing a perfect guide to keep your relationship in track and check, so you can enjoy every bit of it without worrying about anything else!

The Three C’s

Yes, The Three C’s of a relationship are the ground rules for a healthy relationship, and if you fulfill these, you’ll most likely be with your significant other till the end, regardless of the circumstances. The first is Communication, which is very important. You need to sit and think about how you need to communicate with your partner, how to convey your needs, your desires, your love, everything there is. As it is said, Communication is the key, and in a relationship, communication is everything.

Next up, we have a Compromise. If two people are in a relationship, there will always be some difference between them, no matter how perfect the relationship is, and it is the duty of both the people in a relationship to compromise and learn to understand what their partner likes and wants, rather than focus entirely on their own needs.

Lastly, we have a Commitment. This solely means to put your relationship and the one you love above anything else. In a relationship, your significant other deserves to be put above anything else when needed, and that’s exactly what you should be doing to make your relationship perfect.

“Winning” is not a goal

When it comes to relationships, winning in any aspect of it should not be your concern. When it comes to a relationship, conflict is inevitable, and it’s something you can’t deny or ignore. However, if you conflict or even a small argument, you should focus more on improving your understanding of your partner, rather than giving counter-arguments to  ́ ‘win”. If you focus on winning your relationship rather than winning your ego, you’ll have a healthy relationship at the end of every day.

Keep Intimacy Alive

When a new relationship, intimacy is everything. Most of the time, new couples are all over each other all the time. However, intimacy decreases as time progresses, but this decrease is more directed towards progress in the growth of two people together, rather than a decrease in love. However, to keep things interesting and keep your relationship healthy and in-check, keep your intimacy alive. While sex is the most common intimacy method, it’s not the only. Touch is the most fundamental part of human existence, and you can keep things interesting with a light touch, small kisses, hugs and cuddles, and much much more.

Give what you want

Treating your partner in the same way that you want to be treated by them is an essential method in keeping your relationship healthy and on track. Each of our needs changes with time when in a relationship. If you feel like you need to be more understood, you should provoke yourself to be more understandable as well. And as Doctor Strange once said, “It’s a simple spell but quite unbreakable.

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