Great Reasons To Meet Up for Margaritas in Pittsburgh

A margarita is one of the most sought alcoholic beverages after a long week of work. It’s a cocktail beverage consisting of orange liqueur, lime juice, and tequila. Of course, you don’t want to miss dipping your tongue on the salt on the rim of your cocktail glass. You can choose to blend or shake it with or without ice.

Below are some of the great reasons why you should meet up with friends and loved ones for margaritas in Pittsburgh.

Margaritas Are Affordable In Pittsburgh.

In Pittsburgh, margaritas are super affordable. You can try their best margaritas for as low as $2.99 per 12 ounces. You don’t have to worry about where to grab a drink because there are numerous bars and restaurants that serve the best margaritas in town. Also, there are many cocktail concoctions to choose from at reasonable prices, such as the following:

  • The Original Margarita: It’s a timeless drink with tart lime.
  • Frozen Strawberry Margarita: It’s a great cocktail with frozen strawberries, lime juice, and tequila.
  • The Blue Margarita: It’s an all-time favorite margarita with orange liqueur that looks different from the original margarita but almost tastes the same.

It Houses the Best Foods Paired with Margaritas.

In Pittsburgh, there are many places to unwind and relax while drinking margaritas. Whether you are celebrating after a long day of work or spending your leisure time on a lazy weekend, it would be great to have a margarita in hand while enjoying a sumptuous meal.

Also, you can find the best places that serve your favorite Mexican or Text Mex food in the area.
On the top list, you can try Steel Cactus at 5505 Walnut Street. They offer a perfect mix of Authentic Mexican and Tex Mex foods and an irresistible frozen margarita. Once you dine and experience this place, you’ll find yourself purchasing a Steel Cactus e-gift card for your loved ones and friends.

Here are the best foods that are best paired with margaritas:

  • Chicken Sticks: This flavorful finger food is best paired with the sweet and salty taste of margarita. Chicken sticks take about eight and 24 hours to marinate in the tasty mixture of smashed garlic, soy sauce, cayenne pepper, mango juice, and salt.
  • Shrimp Cakes: This is a casual dining food that will be enjoyed by everyone as a snack or appetizer, that is perfect for margaritas.
  • Margarita Dip: This dip is Mexican-inspired with mango, papaya, jalapeno, avocado, cilantro, black beans, and other traditional Mexican ingredients.
  • Enchiladas: If you’re looking for a substantial dish that is best paired with margaritas, enchiladas rock. It’s a perfect combination of corn and seasoned shredded chicken into tortillas, topped with green or red enchilada cheese and sauce.

The Ambiance is Great for Unwinding and Celebrating Milestones.

Pittsburgh has a lot of cocktail bars and restaurants serving margaritas. That’s why it’s a relaxing haven for busy people to meet and unwind. Aside from the refreshing drinks, you can savor the best food menu and the perfect ambiance to end your day with a smile and satisfaction.

Whether you or your spouse got promoted, or your best friend has a new achievement, one of the best ways to celebrate is dining out and drinking. After a delicious meal, drinking margaritas allow you to savor your sweet success, even more, giving you or your loved one a great treat.

Meet with friends or colleagues in one of the best Mexican restaurants serving frozen margaritas, and you’ll have a very relaxing experience before retiring. Drinking a glass of freshly served margarita to reduce your stress and tension, and set your mood for sleep as you end your day.

It is a Safe Place for Drinking.

People in Pittsburgh are naturally friendly. In fact, it is one of the safest cities in terms of crime and violence. The people maintain an urban culture of old-fashioned and down-to-earth attitude with great respect for humanity, animals, and the environment.

That’s why visiting Pittsburgh for their margaritas will give you more than the pleasure but also the peace of mind or assurance that you’re in a safe place. Pittsburgh is a great place where you can hang out with your drinking buddies and try the different concoctions of margaritas. You can also have an all-girls night out without worrying about getting in trouble.


Margaritas in Pittsburgh are best combined with Mexican or Tex Mex dishes. Meeting up and drinking margaritas in one of the best places here will surely leave you more relaxed, appetite-satisfied, and even feel safer. The people are super friendly and they have very affordable prices for their cocktails or margaritas. You will surely enjoy chatting with people, eating delicious authentic Mexican cuisines, and drinking well-crafted margaritas.

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