Great African Dishes you need to taste

If you have been to Africa, then you know about some of the great dishes served in this part of the world. However, if you haven’t, then you seriously need to start planning for your trip to Africa. Complement your income by playing profitable games at Novibet Casino so that you can visit this great continent at the soonest and taste some if not all of these wonderful dishes.

Shisa Nyama (South Africa)

Shisa Nyama is also referred to as Pap en Vleis in South Africa. This is a dish consisting of maize porridge and barbequed meat. Shisa Nyama is Zulu for ‘burn the meat’ so it’s a dish that is a about barbequed meat. The dish can be served with one meat type or different types. If mixed, the dish will have boerewors, kebabs, chicken, beef or pork. The meat can be seasoned with chakalaka, relish or spicy gravy.

Jollof Rice (Nigeria)

Nigeria is a vast country with many ethnic groups who have their own dishes, however, there is one dish you are going to find no matter where you end up and that’s jollof rice. Jollof rice is a spicy rice dish that’s prepared using pepper, onions, tomatoes, and rice. Jollof rice is often served with egusi soup, that is, soup made up of bitter leaf and ground melon seeds.

Sadza and Karpenta (Zimbabwe)

In Zimbabwe, you get to taste sadza and karpenta. Sadza is a Shona term for pap, a thick maize porridge. Karpenta refers to small fish. Karpenta can be served in many ways, one can either roost the karpenta with cooking oil only or one can prepare the karpenta in a tomato and onion soup. This is a delicious dish that can be seasoned with spices if one prefers a hot dish.

Venison (Namibia)

Venison in many ways is just like Shisa nyama, the dish consists of thick maize porridge and barbequed meat. The difference though is that with venison, game meat is used. Venison can be mixed or prepared with just one type of meat. Popular types of meat used in preparing venison dishes include ostrich meat, springbok, warthog, zebra, kudu and/or gemsbok.

Nyama na irio (Kenya)

This dish according to many Kenyans is the reason why most Kenyans perform well in endurance sports such as long-distance athletics and marathons. The dish consists of mashed up potatoes that are mixed with onion, corn, beans and peas. A piece of spice roasted meat (chicken or beef) is added on top to complete the dish. The dish is very delicious and once you taste it, you will ask for more.

Piri Piri Chicken (Mozambique)

Mozambique’s cuisine is a mixture of Portuguese, Arab and local traditional dishes. Piri Piri Chicken is prepared using chicken that is barbequed and then seasoned using Piri Piri sauce, coconut milk, garlic, pepper and lime. This dish is spicy but anyone who tastes it will beg for more. Piri Piri Chicken can be served with thick maize porridge or rice.

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