Grammar 101: Regime vs. Regimen

In the latest instalment of his tongue-in-cheek exploration of grammatical errors, Adrian Fernand takes a harsh but fair look at why certain people confuse the word ‘regime’ and ‘regimen’ in his excellent Grammar 101 series.

Those whose profession depends on its daily use say it—dieticians, nutritionists, personal trainers—yet they’re all wrong. It’s enough to make you want to instigate a dictatorship, enforce a law banning them from using ‘regime’ incorrectly and then buy a heck of a lot of shoes. Admittedly, totalitarianism does have its perks. In today’s Grammar 101, we clear up the difference between weight-loss and loss of rights in a handy and easy-to-remember diagram.

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About Adrian Fernand

Adrian Fernand is a writer specialising in screen, television and fiction. As the Agony Uncle for etiquette and social protocol site, I Do Believe I Came with a Hat, he responds to the quandaries facing polite society in a modern world. He has in excess of 90 pairs of shoes. Follow Adrian on Twitter @AdrianFernand
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