Grammar 101: Compliment vs. Complement

Adrian Fernand – Australia’s most stylish Agony Uncle and commentator on etiquette and social protocol – continues his tongue-firmly-in-cheek Grammar 101 series to help those finding it difficult to distinguish between paying something a compliment and what suits it…

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Keeping favour and being favourable mightn’t seem all that different from each other, but it’s just one letter that separates both. Something might suit another thing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should tell it so. Confused? In today’s Grammar 101, we clear up the difference between politesse and accompaniment in a handy and easy-to-remember diagram.

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About Adrian Fernand

Adrian Fernand is a writer specialising in screen, television and fiction. As the Agony Uncle for etiquette and social protocol site, I Do Believe I Came with a Hat, he responds to the quandaries facing polite society in a modern world. He has in excess of 90 pairs of shoes. Follow Adrian on Twitter @AdrianFernand
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  1. Barry says:

    I like this website so much. Saved to bookmarks. Adrian is hilarious!