Grammar 101: Brought vs. Bought

Adrian Fernand, Australia’s most stylish Agony Uncle, brings us the second in his series Grammar 101, this week highlighting the difference between brought and bought.

Two entirely different meanings, but apparently twice as hard for some people to distinguish between, ‘bought’ confused with ‘brought’ is possibly one of the most irritating of grammatical mistakes. Here’s our simple guide to getting it right. “Accidentally” leave a print-out of it somewhere and spread the message of reason!

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About Adrian Fernand

Adrian Fernand is a writer specialising in screen, television and fiction. As the Agony Uncle for etiquette and social protocol site, I Do Believe I Came with a Hat, he responds to the quandaries facing polite society in a modern world. He has in excess of 90 pairs of shoes. Follow Adrian on Twitter @AdrianFernand
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