Grammar 101: Ask vs. Arks

Adrian Fernand, Australia’s most stylish Agony Uncle and commentator on etiquette, style and luxury, brings you a new tongue-in-cheek series on spelling and grammar called unsurprisingly Grammar 101.

We’ve all heard them: the horrible faux pas uttered by the ignoramuses who plague we, the learned. It’s baffling how one cannot speak one’s own native tongue, particularly those monosyllabic words that infants can master that still provide consternation for some adults. Perhaps it’s Sharon in Payroll who errs on a regular basis, each time her mispronunciation grating on you like a block of parmesan cheese. Maybe it’s your dear friend, Clarence, who you’ve known for an eternity and it would be rude for you mention it at such an advanced stage in your friendship. Or maybe it’s every Thomas, Richard and Henry whose bastardisation of the English language irks you to the point of contempt.

Well, fear not! We’ve taken the hard part out for you and with our new “Grammar 101″ series, you can harness the power of social media and the invasive nature of Facebook and like this post for it to show up in your feed, ready for your foolhardy associates to be enlightened to their erroneous ways. Arise, intelligentsia!

Our first word of the series is ask, which so many seem to have difficultly in mastering. It is not a flotilla of nautical animal transport, nor is it a tool you chop a tree down with—why is it so hard?

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