Goodbye Pain… Hello Pain Pod!

The Pain Pod is providing a new wave of relief for sufferers across the UK. Just arrived here direct from the USA via Australia, the Hidow Pain Pod is the very latest super technological advance in effective electronic massaging.

This super powerful pod is hand sized – about the size of a small MP3 player – for easy, everyday use.

The Pain Pod uses Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation or ‘TENS’ technology to replicate the effects and sensations of massage or acupuncture.  Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is the electro stimulation of nerves by a device for a variety of therapeutic purposes.

Pain Pod sends up to 120 bio-electrical pulses per second through the skin, stimulating muscle and nerve tissue to create the sensation and effect of massage which can relieve pain and tension while also providing deep relaxation.

As the Pain Pod can be used just as effectively for massage in addition to pain relief, its compact size means that the office, the plane, the car or even a sofa at home can be transformed into your very own massage parlour with no interruption to your day.

There are numerous benefits to users of the Pain Pod, whether you need massage therapy or pain relief. Here are just a few of the ways the Pain Pod can improve your health and wellbeing:-

– Relieves deep tension in muscles providing drug-free relaxation

– Can provide release of endorphin – the “happy hormone”

– Promotes ‘micro-circulation’ in the area of use helping reduce inflammation and accelerating the healing process

– Blocks the pain signal from nerves in areas of pain providing drug-free non-invasive relief

– Provides genuine massage sensations of ‘cupping’, ‘tapping’, ‘scraping’ and ‘pushing’ which saves you time and money instead of paying for expensive treatments from a professional.

– The device is pocket sized so can be used anywhere and any time at your convenience – it’s like having your own massage therapist on hand whenever you need some relaxation

– Gives drug free and side effect free pain and stress relief

– Has 6 modes of therapeutic benefits unlike only a single mode found with many other machines

– Uses a Therapeutic acupuncture feature and acupuncture chart for relief from numerous ailments

– Treats with a unique 6th Random mode that ensures the continued effectiveness of the TENS machine. Older style TENS machines usually have a limited number of modes. After a period of time, when the brain registers a stimulus it can get used to it, therefore becoming less and less effective. The patented 6th mode changes too often for the brain to register the stimulus

– Uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery which lasts for up to 16 hours and should never need to be replaced

– Comes with a two year warranty

– Is FDA approved, CE certified, TGA approved,  also a registered medical device in the UK

Hi-dow Pain Pod costs £129 and is now available online at and However City Connect viewers are lucky enough to get a special discounted price of only £100 when ordering direct from Pain Pod UK Representative George Sugden. To qualify for your discount, please quote “City Connect” when contacting George on 0780 901 6482 or at

For those of you based in Cambridge, you can also purchase Pain Pod for £129 exclusively from Holistic Harmony at 14 Fair Street, Cambridge, CB1 1HA. If £129 is beyond your budget, then why not make an appointment to see Claire Davis IIHHT Dip – who owns and runs Holistic Harmony – who offers a range of reasonably priced treatments from massage to reflexology and much more. Check out all available treatments with prices on the Holistic Harmony website.

Below is a promotional video on the Hi-Dow Pain Pod device followed by a Channel 7 news report about the use of the Pain Pod device in Australia:-

Images and video courtesy of Hi-Dow UK

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