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At City Connect, we’re always looking for new and interesting food and drink from the UK and further afield which will tickle your tastebuds and please your palate. So when we heard about GingerLove drink from Belgium, we just had to share it with you. After all, if GingerLove is enjoyed by the likes of Sting and Jamie Cullum, then we think our City Connect readers in Belgium, France & Luxembourg should try it too. And for everyone else, watch this space… GingerLove deserves to go global!

Read the Press Release below for more information on the gorgeous GingerLove drink…

Next time someone asks you to name five famous Belgians, make sure to add spice to your list. Make sure to mention the coolest hot shot in town: a newcomer that is stirring quite a commotion among aficionados of good taste that gather from all corners of the world to savour its heartwarming sensations.

But guess what: this golden boy is a beverage. No, actually, it’s an experience. No, it’s what people who know what’s good for them are craving for in Antwerp these days. And in Paris, and soon, in the rest of the world. It’s called GingerLove and the only way to find out just how delightful it is, is by allowing your taste buds to soak in its golden aroma and indulging in its soothing playfulness.

Already awarded as MOST INNOVATIVE DRINK, GingerLove is “The New Hot Drink” never tasted before. Based on ginger & fruit juices, GingerLove revives you with the extra health kick to keep you going. This warm frothy drink is caffeine free.

GingerLove took its first zesty taste in Lombardia, the organic & vegetarian restaurant since 1972 in Antwerp. Lombardia’s food creator Alain Indria is the founder of GingerLove and has excited the world many times with his creative food & drink inventions.

Rock stars like Sting, Moby and Jamie Cullum adore GingerLove and even Sting says it’s good for your voice!

GingerLove is a way of living and has a strong marketing backbone. The concept exists out of extended marketing material for the food service and retail industry.

To enjoy the lively aroma of GingerLove, we’ve even designed the perfect cup. The only thing you need is a sachet of GingerLove, to which you add boiling water. Stir or shake, and your own GingerLove is ready to drink!

GingerLove is as comforting as it is enticing, as exhilarating as it is sexy. So be warned: when drunk hot, it is known to go straight to the heart. Lovingly made by a connoisseur of soulfood (Alain Indria of bio store Lombardia) and now ready to take on the world. Prepare yourself for a taste of what the future has in store for you!

For more information about GingerLove and where you can buy it in Belgium, France & Luxembourg, please check out their website:

Text taken from GingerLove 2012 Press Release
Images courtesy of GingerLove

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