Get Santa

Get Santa
Get Santa is one of those inevitable Christmas movies that come out at this time of year.

Although this one strays from the usual road by having Santa crash into someone’s garage. Tom (Kit Connor) discovers Santa in his damaged shed with the reindeers on the loose.

Santa Claus (Jim Broadbent) needs all the help he can get to make sure he can return to Lapland and complete his job.

This movie is on a par with Nativity 3, with crude jokes and adults with peas for brains. You can see what’s coming miles before it appears on the screen.

I don’t understand the current need to show Christmas movies containing such stupid humour. Just what was the target audience for this film? The kids or adults who behave like kids?

The whole thing was pretty pointless. I’m not even sure who thought of a movie where Santa crashes. I mean why? Also why do we need to see Santa going to jail? What was that about?

The storylines are boring, why is there a motley group in the prison? It was like that IKEA advert where the kitchen is spinning, there’s absolutely no reason for it, you’d never ever want a revolving kitchen so who designed one?

The main problem is this film is competing with many other similar films, one mentioned above. Like its counterparts, the script relies too much on crudeness and silliness to fill the time slot. This film also was slightly darker in tone.

The director does know about Christmas? It Didn’t appear so at all! I wouldn’t like to spend Xmas dinner round his place that’s for sure! Where’s the message about Christmas? If there was one in this offering, it got lost in amongst the inane poop jokes!

The only redeeming feature of this film is Jim Broadbent’s portrayal of Santa. The man shows why he’s a great British asset.

4/10 from me. Jim Broadbent solely saves this film from a much lower score.

If Santa gets presents from someone (as he gets all of ours!) He doesn’t need help, but a decent film writer!

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