Geo F Trumper: Shaving, Artisan Style

Since 1875, George F. Trumper serviced the shaving needs of British aristocracy, and now has found itself known as one of the most luxurious men’s barbery goods and perfumes. Trumper’s products have hit the mark when it comes to a soft, lathery finish for facial shaving—or any other part of the body that the user deems necessary—and a fine fragrance to boot. The products are quintessentially British, evidently through their charming vintage feel old school packaging and fragrances, which come in the likes of almond, coral, coconut, lime, rose, violet and sandalwood. 135 years of concocting and perfecting have done them wonders.

The idea behind shaving cream is that it is meant to keep the face moist and protected while the razor glides over the skin, soften the hair follicles and make for a smooth and all too easy, irritation-free shave. Trumper’s cream achieves this goal with typical British pomp and ceremony as the cream froths up into a rich and slippery lather with the smallest amount, giving way to a smooth and easy razor glide.

The Trumper Coconut Oil Shaving Cream is a testament to wet shaving for men (and women too) and retails for £8.70 for 75g and £15.50 for 200g.

After the shave, of course, comes a bit of post-shave facial love, which as beauticians say, is a necessary part of the shaving process. With daily razor use and regular facial friction, the skin of the cheeks and neck can suffer. That is why we suggest Geo. F. Trumper’s Skin Food.

Many men use up to a four-razor shaver every morning, which is dragged along their cheeks, neck, jaw—everywhere sensitive—that in addition to removing the tops of facial hair follicles, also removes the top layer of dead skin, revealing sensitive skin that hasn’t yet seen the light of day.

For most, this leaves a smarting sensation after shaving, which is easily addressed by a post-shave balm like the Skin Food, which looks after the traumatised skin and restores it back to comfort. It can also be used before shaving to soften the hair and the skin, but given you use it after the fact, too, it’s far too wasteful. Geo. F. Trumper’s Skin Food retails for £14.50 for 100ml, £20.50 for 200ml and £36.00 for 500ml.

For the aforementioned products and to see the whole Geo F Trumper range, check out their website at:

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