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Free therapy is for you if:-

  • You feel stressed, tired, anxious or exhausted
  • You need to relax but don’t know how
  • You need rejuvenation but nothing seems to be working
  • You feel at a crossroads and are not certain about which path to follow
  • Your life feels as if you or someone else has caged you in
  • You want the control back in your life be it taken by a person/illness
  • You feel you make the wrong choices in life
  • You spend your time feeling pressured into people pleasing
  • You find you procrastinate or worry rather than managing your time
  • You feel you have gone off course
  • You want that promotion at work but have no idea of the next step
  • You are in a bad relationship and you need to walk away

If you are looking for a free therapy session, then look no further! There are two ways to get one:-

  1. Add your e-mail to our mailing list below to put your name into the monthly lottery draw which offers one free session to our lucky winner. If you remain on the mailing list you automatically get added every month to the monthly lottery. We will not pass on your details and only send approximately one newsletter a month.
  2. Become part of THE PROJECT. Just click here to fill out the application for yourself or a friend who you think deserves to be given a free therapy session. Sloan Sheridan-Williams currently offers 4 hours a month on this offer as does Alan. The other therapists involved in THE PROJECT offer between 1-4 hours a month. There are many free hours to be won. Apply now.

THE PROJECT is designed to offer therapy to those who deserve it the most. We automatically include:-

  • Anyone in the emergency services or armed forces
  • Anyone who currently raises money for charity
  • Anyone who cannot afford therapy
  • Anyone who commits to paying the free session forward by volunteering their time somewhere else
  • Anyone who is nominated by a friend, family member or colleague as deserving a free session

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You can put more than one location if you require.
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