Four Ways to Suppress Your Appetite While Your are Dieting

Perhaps the biggest impediment to losing weight is hunger. Regardless of which type of diet you are on, the fundamental requirement for losing weight is to reduce your caloric intake. There is no way around this. When your body needs more energy than it is getting from food intake, it will use the stored energy in your body, in other words your fat. Unfortunately, when you are not getting enough food you will experience hunger, and this is the number one reason people go off their diets and gain back weight. The key to losing weight is suppressing your hunger. The following are four ways you can suppress your hunger while dieting.

Caffeine is a well known appetite suppressant with a track record of success. If you like coffee, simply make it a part of your diet. The one key change will be the need to drink this beverage throughout the day. You shouldn’t limit the coffee consumption to the morning. Also, you should drink your cup before each meal to reduce your appetite. You can substitute black tea if you like, but be careful with herbal teas because they often are caffeine free. If you find that coffee or black tea gives you the jitters, you can try switching to green tea. It contains caffeine, so it will suppress your appetite, but most people do not experience any nervousness. Green tea also helps increase your metabolism, so this is an added benefit in losing weight.

Low carbohydrate intake
People who have reduced their carbohydrate intake often report that their feelings of hunger dissipate as well. With an extreme reduction in carbohydrates, some people report no hunger at all; they only experience a sense of weakness when they need food. Of course, you don’t need to take this idea to an extreme. However, if you count your daily carbohydrate intake for a typical day, and then attempt to cut this figure in half. You are likely to experience less hunger. Try to eat more protein or low carbohydrate vegetables for some of the high carbohydrate foods you normally would eat.

Eat smaller meals
Eat small meals, but eat more frequently. The reason that this works is that it doesn’t take a lot of food to satisfy your hunger. When you feel hungry, you are likely to sit down and eat a lot of food, but if you take the time to pay attention to your appetite while you’re eating, you may find that you are satisfied more quickly than you realize. When you no longer feel hungry, then stop eating. Also, you should slow down the speed at which you eat your meal. Give your body a chance to react to the food you are eating.

Dietary supplements
There are a wide range of products on the market that can help you suppress you appetite. Some of these supplements are vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B, for example, is known to help reduce hunger pangs. On the mineral side is chromium. There are also certain supplements found in foods that you may not be getting enough of. Fish oil is a good example. There are many herbs that are known to help reduce your appetite. You can shop online for appetitive suppressants, and you can experiment with what works best for you.

While you dieting, keep in mind, that in order to be successful, you will need to suppress your appetite.

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