Florida Weekend Trips

Florida is one of the best states in the country for travelers. With so many great cities, beaches, and hidden gems from the panhandle to the Keys, there is always an abundance of places for a quick adventure. Below are some of the best Florida weekend trips, whether wanting the sort of getaway Fort Myers has to offer or the quintessential visit to Mickey Mouse.

Northwestern Florida

This area, home to Pensacola and Destin, is located in the panhandle. It is known for its beautiful beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. The idyllic Seaside community along 30A welcomes vacationers every year and offers the promise of a relaxing getaway. Travelers that visit here often partake in biking, long walks on the water, and visits to the cute town centers.

Northeastern Florida

In addition to beautiful beaches, the northeastern part of the state is home to interesting history as well. St. Augustine, in particular, has gorgeous Spanish architecture and is preserved as one of the earliest touchpoints of European colonizers. Some historians point to this area as one of the first major cities in what was to become the United States. North of St. Augustine is Jacksonville, a more metropolitan area that is home to museums and cultural offerings.

Southwestern Florida

Farther down the coast is southwestern Florida, home to Sarasota, Ft. Myers, and Naples. This region, known especially for those seeking an escape from winter weather, retains the promise of sandy white beaches and lush vegetation. Naples is home to shopping, dining, and a pier popular for dolphin spotting. Ft. Myers is also home to many attractions perfect for a weekend jaunt. Visitors have the option to explore historic homes, state parks, guided tours through wildlife ecosystems and even a manatee park that promises up-close experiences with these water creatures. 

Southeastern Florida

This region of the state often feels like a place unto itself. Home to Miami, the Florida Keys, and Ft. Lauderdale, southeaster Florida is home to distinct destinations that each retain their personal flavor. Miami, of course, welcomes visitors seeking upscale art-deco experiences, nightlife and clubs, and the beautiful strip along Ocean Drive. Even further south is Key West, a significantly more relaxed alternative. Key West is Florida’s southernmost city and is famed for its gorgeous architecture and island attitudes. The crystal clear waters beckon travelers to partake in snorkeling, boating, and simply unwinding along the beach. Between these many areas and attractions, there’s something in Florida for any traveler. 

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