Five Reasons to Make Dubai Your Next Vacation Destination

There is no shortage of places you can go on vacation in the world. Chances are, you’ve got a lengthy bucket list already! Why add another location, like Dubai, to the list?

Dubai is nothing like it was just a few decades ago when it was just a small city on a patch of land in the middle of the desert. Today, Downtown Dubai is a vacation destination with something to offer everyone who visits, no matter what their age, interests, or nationality.

You’ll Get a View Unlike Any Other on the Planet

There are a lot of really tall buildings in the world that can give you an unbelievable view of the surrounding area, but no other building compares to the Burj Khalifa. At a whopping 2,722 feet tall, it is the tallest building in the world.

You can buy tickets into the building to look out at the incredible views from the 124th, 125th, and 148th floors. Many tickets come with a tour that will tell you more about the building, its features, and its construction. You can also purchase specialized tickets that will allow you to watch the sunset from one of the tallest floors in the tallest building in the world.

It’s a Haven for Modern Art

A quick look around downtown Dubai and it’s easy to see that modern design is a feature of nearly every corner of the city. It follows that this city would become a haven for modern art too.

There are many art galleries all over Dubai that house some of the world’s best modern art. You’ll find the groundbreaking Iraqi painter and sculptor Shakir Hassan Al Said at the Meem Gallery, and you’ll find the conceptual artist Hassan Sharif at the Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde. Collector Mohammed Mottahedan opened Mottahedan Projects and guarantees the purchase of exhibited works, enabling artists the freedom to be as creative as they want.

That just scratches the surface. Dubai is definitely a must-visit destination if you love art.

It’s a Shopper’s Paradise

If gazing at paintings isn’t really your thing, and you’d rather do a little shopping, there’s no better place than Dubai. They take their malls more seriously than any other city in the world.

There are multiple shopping malls in Dubai, and they are unlike any other mall you’ve ever visited. A few include:

  • Dubai Mall is the world’s largest and most visited shopping mall with over 1,200 retail stores.
  • Mall of the Emirates is the first shopping resort with 630 high-end brands, as well as an indoor ski resort.
  • Dubai Outlet Mall features up to 90-percent discounts on popular brands like Adidas, Coach, and Aldo.
  • Ibn Battuta Mall is a theme mall with courts that include India Court, Egypt Court, China Court, and more.

Stick Your Toes in the Sand

In many ways, Dubai is known for its bustling city life. With its record-breaking skyscrapers, its world-class restaurants, and its expansive galleries, there are plenty of urban things for you to do, but Dubai also happens to be situated on the Persian Gulf, making it a beach town too!

There are some really great beaches in Dubai if you decide to want a break from the hustle-bustle of city life. A few of the best Dubai beaches include:

  • Kite Beach is one of Dubai’s most popular beaches with a broad boardwalk and a jogging track.
  • La Mer is a beach-goers haven with access to the beach and plenty of restaurants, shops, and entertainment for the whole family.
  • Sunset Beach is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a quiet, undeveloped stretch of water to explore.
  • Drift Beach will give you the feeling of lounging on the Mediterranean with its infinity pool and airy beach club.

There’s Always Something New

One of the most alluring aspects of this city is just how fast it has popped onto the map. In just 20 years, it turned from a small speck in the desert to an unbelievable metropolis.

At the moment, growth is continuing at a monumental pace in Dubai. Whether it’s a new man-made island, a 7-star hotel, or a new shopping mall, there’s always something new to do in this busy city.

There are many wonders around the world that are worthy of your bucket list, but Dubai is a new wonder that deserves a spot on your list too. With so many things to see and do, and new things being built all the time, it’s the perfect vacation destination for everyone.

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