Finding Love in the Online Environment

One of life’s most important and hardest goals to achieve is that of finding true love. It’s been the cause of many heartbreaks as individuals face the perilous search to find their perfect life partner.

However, with the rise of many online dating sites that claim to offer an unparalleled ability to help individuals with their love lives, have we finally reached the point where true love isn’t so hard to find?

Dating apps


The online dating market is now a huge industry. It has been estimated that the incredible popularity of online dating sites have led to the industry now being worth over $2 billion.

And with over nine million UK residents now using an online dating site to meet their prospective partner, there’s a bigger need than ever amongst digital developers to match this huge demand.

The rise of the online dating app has gone some way to answering this need. These range from the likes of the Tinder app that enable the user to quickly swipe through profiles of suitable candidates, to the up-and-coming Hinge app that promises to deliver a more sophisticated brand of dating via connecting to your already established circles of friends.

The sheer variety of dating apps that are now available mirrors the rise of online gaming sites where an ever increasing range of options are available to cater to each niche taste.

Potential hazards


Just like in the real world, the online love sphere is unfortunately susceptible to many harmful situations both hostile and benign.

This is because it’s relatively easy for a stranger to access an individual through an online dating site and use the safety barrier of anonymity to harass that person.

As a result many online dating sites are seeking to offer a much safer portal in a way that mirrors online casino sites that have been developed to deliver a safe and secure environment for users to conduct their affairs.

For example, Europalace offer a personalised service where the user can create their own encrypted account where they can access a huge variety of games, safe in the knowledge that their activities are kept private and secure.

And similarly, the Europalace site also offers a fun and friendly blog that offers information on the use of emojis that undoubtedly would help to assist users in new methods of communicating in the online domain.

Such sites rely on a watertight degree of trust between the user and the company that is something that the online dating world could learn a lot from. Especially as it’s a well-known fact that many people lie when creating their online dating profile. Whilst many of these might be little white lies, they can still create potential issues in time as couple get to know each other a little better.

Furthermore, with an estimated 93% of all our communication being based on non-verbal cues, there’s the huge potential for miscommunication when communicating in the online arena.

But with 90 million people using online dating apps, it seems that future dating will be largely carried out in the online environment.

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