Film Review: World War Z

37521369331320-wwz-payoff-1sht-crop-jpg_172412What can I say about World War Z? The movie opens to $66 billion in its first week. Beats Man of Steel. Second only to Monsters University (kids movies always top the box office).

If you are looking for a thrill ride of a movie from beginning to end, World War Z delivers. I was only able to take three deep breaths during the tension filled 115 minutes of this movie.

First breath – at the beginning of what seemed to be an ordinary day for Brad Pitts’ character Gary Lane and his family as they find themselves sitting in gridlock in the middle of downtown Philadelphia (all hell breaks loose soon thereafter).

Second breath – halfway through the movie when Gary quietly awakens after his Zombie infested plane crashes in Ireland.

Third breath - at the end of the movie as the credits start to roll.

In between these breaths the world erupts in chaos as a lethal virus seemingly turns humans into feral zombies who overwhelm civilization. There is not more I can say except go see World War Z.

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