Film Review: White House Down

White House Down
White House Down stars the amazing Channing Tatum! This film is so outrageous – it’s a thrill ride. Like a rollercoaster on speed, once you’re sat down – you’re in for the whole ride.

What I loved about this movie was that was just pure enjoyment. The action got bigger and the explosions got louder! You can disengage your brain for a while and get lost in what’s on the screen.

The basic plot, of John Cale (Channing) arriving at the White House with his daughter and somehow ending up trying to save the President James Sawyer (Jamie Foxx) from a gang of terrorists, does not do this film justice.

Cale has been turned down by the secret service before. Big mistake. As he leads a one man fight back against the forces threatening the White House.

It’s not like a Die Hard film, it IS a Die Hard film but without John McClain (John Cale is hardly original!). But despite the similarities and simple plot – this one is an enjoyable ride. It’s not better than Die Hard or the more recent one with Gerard Butler earlier this year – but I’d watch this one again and again.

Channing gives us a likable hero, one easy to root for. Foxx plays the President like an action hero, shooting guns and everything! The terrorists attacking are stereotyped but do the job. Giving something for our hero to shoot at! None of them stood out for me though. But unless the film was about Cale trying to stop radioactive blobs from marauding the White House, there’s gotta be human baddies.

Maggie Gyllenhaal plays secret service agent Carol Finnerty, whose having the day from hell was entertaining. Car chases, helicopters blasted into atoms, weapons of mass destruction – it’s all used here to maximum effect.

That’s what makes the film so entertaining, there’s no let up. Although there’s the daughter – there’s no mushy sentiment – in fact she’s rather like Inspector Gadget’s niece with the things she knows and can do. All that was missing was a clever dog. (Come on director there’s Uggie!)

I didn’t feel I was in the cinema for over two hours, which is rare. Even in some of these epics you can kinda feel time moving on. But this action feast just absorbs your concentration! (Whether that’s good or bad – I’ll let you decide!)

I’m was very happy with everything. Which lately I haven‘t experienced. The chemistry between Channing and Foxx was brilliant. They worked really well together and I would like them to do another film like this or something else. It’s so rare two people click so well.

Maybe it’s Channing’s personality? That I had a hero I cared about and was rooting for? Foxx’s savvy action pumping president? Or how things just got so mad?

I don’t know! There’s only one thing I do know – this is getting 9/10 from me!


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