Film Review: Total Recall

I didn’t like the original version of Total Recall at all. But when I heard that Colin Farrell was in the remake I decided to give it go. I’m thrilled to have seen it. For me it was much better.

The double agent storyline remains along with the original character names. But rather than Earth to Mars, it’s all based on Earth. A global disaster means only the UK and Australia are left to live on. Travel between the two is made by a big train that goes through the core. Artificial police officers govern the populace along with humans but there’s more robots.

The Chancellor Cohagen has to deal with terrorists and ups the number of robotic police to cope. Factory worker Douglas Quaid (Farrell) is getting fed up of his dreary life wanting more action. He is overlooked for promotion and along with the nightmares he has, means a trip to a memory factory called Rekall might just spice things up.

It certainly did but not in the way he hoped. The people at Rekall discover he actually is a secret agent and cannot insert the memory he asked for. Then the police break down the door! Cue lots of thrilling action and explosions! Quaid finds out his whole life is a lie, even his loving wife Lori is an agent placed to keep an eye on him. Is he really Douglas Quaid or Karl Hauser?

There are numerous action chases that keep you guessing – how will he get out of this one?! Farrell was likeable and zip fast on the fighting. The ending was one of the best with big explosions and lots of twists and turns.

Can our hero discover the truth, uncover a sinister plot to invade Australia to rebuild a new city and defeat all the bad guys/girls and robots? I won’t reveal too much but you’ll love the ride that this film takes you on!

Kate Beckinsale makes an impressive and sassy Lori, whilst Jessica Biel proves a worthy ally as Melina to Quaid.

9/10 from me. It ticked all the boxes. I loved the fact it was very different to the original film.

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