Film Review: Top Cat – The Movie

This movie has something most don’t. A plot from beginning, middle and most importantly an end. The ending doesn’t make you wonder why was I sitting here two hours for that?!

Fans of the cartoon and kids will love this movie version of the crafty cat. It stays true to most of the elements of the TV show, with good use of images to make it look like Top Cat is living the high life. Like when he appears in a limo (when in fact when the car turns, he’s sitting on the fender outside).

The story begins with TC falling for a new femme fatale cat. Antics ensue as he chases her, with the usual comic turns as he tries to catch up to her.

A visit from Officer Dibble reveals a possible escape from the alley for TC. Dibble doesn’t want TC to blow his chances of becoming chief of police. (Now that’s fast promotion from Officer to Chief, where can I join?)

Dibble tells him not to go near the theatre to bother an important VIP. Telling TC this, is a big mistake because TC plots to go to the theatre as this VIP gives rubies as tips.

TC’s charm is using tricks like the Hustle and The Real Hustle to get the things he needs. He has a code, which all the gang follow, that they only swindle those who deserve it.

TC manages to get tickets by conning a very rude man and then dresses up to get into the VIP section. However the dignitary has already given all his rubies away so gives TC a new mobile phone gadget.

A new chief of police spells trouble for TC, he favours technology and installs CCTV all over. They’ve met before so he wants TC out. The fears of technology with its power to watch over us is touched upon and with a cool robot army to weld, can our loveable rogue continue his way of life? Is there more to this chief than meets the eye? And what if TC who breaks the law might be the only one to restore justice??

His own code comes under fire, when he’s accused of crimes that go against it. Will the gang believe him or the evidence? Will Dibble believe he’s telling the truth?

All in all a great movie to switch off for a couple of hours. Good family fun with good jokes, fast storyline and clever thinking from the one and only Top Cat!

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