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Thor - Dark World
Thor – Dark World is the next Marvel sequel to be made and what an adventure it is! There’s many a familiar face with the return of Thor, Jane, Loki (yes him again!), Odin, Frigga and Dr Eric Selvig to name but a few. New characters are to be found with the new enemies.

Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) has another battle on his hands, a foe thought destroyed a long time ago, has survived – escaping destruction by suspended animation. Now he’s been awoken and wants to destroy the universe.

For the eighth film in the Avengers series, the continuing story is surprisingly fresh and gripping. Thor’s human love interest Dr Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) has something called the Aether placed inside her. To protect her Thor brings her to Asgard. Now his father goes up the wall. A human in Asgard???

But dark forces gather to get her and this makes Thor consider help from his half brother Loki. Whose on trial for starting a war on Earth (Avengers Assemble movie 2012). Also getting a bigger role is the gate keeper Heimdall, who guards the bridge and those leaving/arriving to Asgard.

The visual effects are splendid and there’s plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing. The chemistry not only between Hemsworth and Portman, but the entire cast resonates. Making you believe in the complicated relationships and why Thor would even think about asking Loki, let alone actually do it! That’s why it’s believable.

The script is dazzling as the CGI. Asgard is a picturesque city to live in. Jane is the one not sure how to act, being in Asgard. This was clever, as in the first Thor had to learn human ways.

My only concern with this franchise is how will they keep the interest going? The next Avengers Assemble is out in 2015, I believe. It will be very interesting in how we’ll still be looking forward to Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Capt. America in a couple of years time.

But for now, myself included, they revel in glory. It was a splendid ride. So this is why I’m awarding 9/10. Just one off as I don’t like Loki. (He’s no JR Ewing.)

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