Film Review: The Sweeney

The Sweeney was a fabulous film. The casting of Ray Winstone and Ben Drew (rapper Plan B) as Regan and Carter was superb. Although throughout the film Regan is violent and dishes out some mean punches – somehow you can’t help but like the guy.

Even when he takes some gold from a job to pay his informant. He gets a tip off about a robbery being planned. Somehow he makes it justified. Also supporting the title, you have to act like a criminal to catch one. Regan is also having an affair with his female colleague.

However internal affairs spot some of the gold is missing and attach a member to watch the squad. Unfortunately for Regan the man is the husband of his illicit affair.

Carter adds support by helping his boss out. There are a lot of team changes, denoting that the Flying Squad is a high risk career choice. The guns, bashings and car chases along with the destruction of buildings, caravans and public property just adds to the thrill of the ride.

A massive chase scene across Trafalgar Square left me breathless. I loved it. It was very gripping. The storyline of a criminal who intends to bring Regan down begins with a jewellery shop raid. A woman hostage is brutally shot at the last second.

Regan is determined to stop the gang from carrying out any further raids. Using his resources he discovers a retired criminal Allan is back. Regan put Allan away years ago. They raid his house but this is one sly lawbreaker. Having an alibi though means they must let him go and this is the downhill slide Regan finds himself on.

Will the man find out about Regan’s affair with his wife? Can Regan count on Carter? Carter is up for promotion, so helping Regan would jeopardize any promotion.

Damian Lewis (Homeland) pops up as Regan’s boss Haskins.

I found this to be a great updated version of the 1970s show. Ray Winstone had some great lines such as , “Pull your trousers up, you’re nicked!”

The city scene backdrop and posh office gave great scenic views and added to the city feel. In fact it’s hinted that other departments are jealous of the Flying Squad having such a posh pad.

A worthy effort and I will give this 9/10. I’ll deduct one mark for not using the theme music. Instead they opted for a slow downed version. The Sweeney was anything but slow!

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