Film Review: The Railway Man

The Railway Man
The Railway Man was a very good movie. It stars Colin Firth (Kings Speech/Bridget Jones/BBC’s Pride & Prejudice), Nicole Kidman (Batman Forever/Bewitched) and Stellan Skarsgard (Thor/Avengers).

A man makes a journey to find the main man who tortured him during the war. It sounds a simple plot but the acting was outstanding and it gripped me.

The character of Eric Lomax is shared between Colin playing the older Eric Lomax. Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) is the younger Eric. Eric during World War II is taken captive by the Japanese. Of course officers were tortured for information and he must endure agony as he’s torn between duty and emotion.

Colin Firth has played many roles, and he never ceases to amaze me how different he is in very single movie I’ve seen him in. No signs of Mr Darcy here. His wife Patti (Kidman) helps him as time goes by but the nightmares continue. Also helping him is his best pal Finlay (Skarsgard). Returning to the where it all happened was very brave and something that takes a lot of courage. The images of horror would still be fresh as if they happened yesterday – time does not heal all wounds.

The drama between victim and captor was just outstanding, you were left in no doubt scars run deep. I know I’m enjoying a movie when I’m getting involved in the characters lives. I’m not fussing about plots lines. This is something you can sit back and get engrossed in.

Raw human emotions were played out beautifully. Another stunning performance from Nicole Kidman. These two were magic together as the troubled husband and wife. Would it all be too much for our poor hero Eric? Would he get the apology he wants from his nemesis? And if he did, would that be enough to move on?

There was also ample talent from the Japanese cast. Like a well baked cake, all the ingredients came together to make a whopper of a dessert.

Truly gripping and one of the best films I’ve seen this year. You don’t always need CGI and epic wars to get movie gold. This is proof of that.

I truly hope Firth and Kidman will team up again. It would be a crime if they never got another project together. This is such a well deserved 10 of 10 from me. Please put this movie on your do to list!

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