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The Guilt TripThe Guilt Trip stars Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand. Stand by to be amazed. Although the basic of the plot (a man who ends up on a road trip with his mother) sounds lame and something reminiscent of a National Lampoon film, this is far funnier.

Seth plays the son Alan Brewster. Barbra plays the mother, because Alan’s always away on business trips, she phones him practically every five minutes – ‘are you alright?’. Then she arranges all her friends to come over after he gets back. Even though her poor son’s still jet lagged from his flight!

She’s so overbearing. But that’s why this film works. I myself have a ‘fussy’ mother and I was smiling and giggling all the way! Especially when the guilt trip card gets played. Then when he suggests she starts dating, he has to go with her. Agrrrh!

Her therapy is her library friend Neeta and Mom’s been talking to her about her son’s lack of girlfriends. I cringed with him. Oooh!! No, not the girlfriend queries!

Then Mom drops a bombshell, she’s named her son after her first love! This prompts Alan to try and find him. Thinking if he can hook his mother up, she’ll stop fussing over him. He’s so determined he’s prepared to have her on an eight day road trip to drive to San Francisco. Stopping for business meetings en-route.

But this backfires as Mom starts getting into his meetings and putting her ideas forward, all in all spelling trouble!!! What was he thinking???

This movie has it all, they end up in all sorts of places from strip clubs, mom gets drunk at another bar and Alan has to defend her, but by far the best was an all you can eat diner, where his Mom tries to win a competition by eating a huge dinner in under an hour so they win prizes! Oh my goodness, that was so funny!

It’s a delight. Really worthy and the onscreen chemistry was wonderful.

I’m giving this movie 10/10. It will make you think about the dynamics of your own parents and it made me appreciate mine more, because it helped me to see their viewpoint.

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