Film Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Last week Eric Wood reviewed the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises. This week Erzi Paris gives us his take on the finale to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

On the whole The Dark Knight Rises was good. I won’t give too much away. An action movie to please, this film ticks most boxes. I just loved ‘The Bat’ flyer. Now that is one cool plane!

The action was set like something out of a computer game like Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed, with a holocaust feel as Gotham comes under siege by super villain Bane. No comic book or TV ‘POW’ or ‘KA-WHACK’ signs here. It’s real brutal fighting. Some of the violence was strong for a 12A (Bane was ruthless), but I suppose most kids have seen worse on computer games above!

Batman himself used very little machinery, once or twice but he preferred to beat up the criminals. He was nearly always on the ground. Batman’s theme of using his fists continued to Bane. Despite the fact Bane has a huge mask on that might as well flash ‘HIT THIS TO WIN!’ Batman ignored it to smack everywhere else. D’oh! I wanted to phone him and yell ‘Hit the mask Batman! And then give him the chair too!’

Christian Bale did look very tired and rarely smiled. The only time he seemed to come alive, was attempting escape from a jail Bruce was placed in. (But his room mate was played by Tom Conti, more than enough cause to scrabble up the wall like a demented spider to get away!) He had to jump a gap, and this is one of the many battles Bruce must win as he’s worn down. Can our hero overcome the trials to defeat Bane and save Gotham City???

Michael Caine was Alfred. Mean, MEAN Alfred! That man is mean. I hope you’ll agree when you see it.

Tom Hardy plays Bane, it can’t be good for him to bulk up to something like the Hulk. Also the Darth Vader mask made him sound creepy rather than evil. Why is it so BIG??? How does Bane eat? How exactly does it keep him alive? Tom hasn’t heard of CGI obviously. They can create a T-Rex for Jurassic Park, I’m sure they could have made a Bane and he just voiced it. That extra weight is really going to hurt and I read a news report that he’s suffering already.

Ann Hathaway as Catwoman was uninspiring and the only main complaint of the film. All she does is mostly swing/punch men around. No back story to her or anything and who was that woman she was living with??? One scene implied they were a couple??? Catwoman’s alliance to Bane isn’t followed at all. They don’t even appear in the same scene at all. It’s simply hinted she works for him. Why hints at these things?

There were some plot holes, (I won’t go into too much detail) but it didn’t spoil my enjoyment.

It was absence of Bat-a-rangs, Bat gadgets (and still no Batmobile!) made me think there were there budget cuts. Is that why there’s more physical fighting and no Bat gizmos? Why Batman was frequently on the ground when his vehicles could’ve taken on Bane’s motley army. Why Batman only uses two vehicles? Why Batman only blew up a solitary gun on one of Bane’s tanks but left the rest to shoot at the police approaching? Or did he think ‘D’oh!’

The ending though was good and once again the theme of whether Batman is a symbol of hope rather than just a crime fighter is explored. And you’ll love one of Batman’s new Bat-signals.

All in all 8/10 as some of the effects were so cool. I want a ‘Bat Flyer’ for Xmas!

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