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The Bachelorette
The Batchelorette is a movie about a hen party essentially. Two of my favourite people were listed Kirsten Dunst (Spiderman 1-3) and James Marsden (X Men – Superman Returns) so I wanted to see it. It has been compared against another movie called Bridesmaids. As I haven’t seen that one I can’t say. I can say this offering was a let down.

This movie never really took off for me. It was very crude and unpolished. The motley gang were very shallow, high on drugs and very immoral. It was hard to view them as a gang I would cheer for.

Becky (Rebel Wilson) is getting married. Regan (Dunst) isn’t happy as she wanted to be married first. But she’ll still be matron of honour/chief bridesmaid etc. At the engagement dinner some cousins do an awkward dance routine and the speeches are ruined when Gena (Lizzy Caplan) reveals Becky is bulimic.

Gena also loves her ex, but acts likes she hates him. This is highlighted when she sees him with a younger girl. Of course there’s the inevitable mishap when the three main girls Regan, Gena and Katie (Isla Fisher) play with the wedding dress. You get three guesses whether or not something happens… Of course something happens! This becomes the focus of the movie from then on.

The trouble is you can see the gags a mile off. Three drunk and high on drug girls playing with a special dress? Nothing’s going to happen? I don’t think so.

Also the constant swearing and general rudeness they display to each other does nothing to endear them. One of the scenes was Katie not remembering a guy from high school? Also Katie announces during the speeches someone has stolen her phone. She’s a hard core party girl high and drunk. So it’s hard to feel any sympathy for her when she gets into trouble and passes out.

The immoral behaviour as they start sleeping around with each other was confusing and the movie became split as a result. Even the men were disgraceful. Trevor Graham (Marsden) was like Tony DiNozzo from NCIS’s worse cousin!

Gena’s ex Clyde (Adam Scott) is in love with her – but why? Really? Gena’s a total mess! He’d have been better dating Becky’s mother! I did not like Gena (Lizzy Caplan) at all!

What was the director trying to achieve? It’s not enough to have a string of random incidents with a swear word every minute. That’s not humour. That’s the easy road.

Stealing someone’s wallet, then a phone. Smacking people. If I got treated that way I would not hang around, that’s for sure. Yet these people just came back for more!

I do think they are the prefect advert for what happens if you party hard everyday. Sort like a New Year’s movie you can use to improve your life.

I am disappointed by the direction, this could’ve been funny and a joy to watch. But sadly I just couldn’t like any of them. No, not a single character!

1/10 from me because of this. I usually like at least somebody! But if I saw any of these people in a bar – I’d head straight out!

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