Film Review: Stuck in Love

Stuck in Love
Stuck in Love is a film that tries hard to be better than it actually is. The title should have read; Stuck in a loop!

It was very disappointing and it isn’t any wonder the film has had such a limited viewing. Originally made in 2012 and first shown at the Toronto Film Festival, the film is rich in B-list celebs including; Jennifer Connelly (The Rocketeer, 2003’s Hulk), Greg Kinnear (As Good As It Gets, You‘ve Got Mail, The Last Song), Lily Collins (Abduction) and Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson).

So that’s why I chose it. Lerman and Connelly are two actors I’m into. The problem is this type of film is being done too much now, the novelty has worn off and this drama brought nothing new to the table. The family at war thread is a very tired format and if used, a new spin should be used.

Connelly plays Erica who traded her husband (Kinnear) in for a younger model. But he still hopes to win her back, this shows as he hopes she’ll come to Thanksgiving every year. Dad is a big novelist but his daughter Sam (Collins) will also be a novelist, her work has been snapped up and Dad is annoyed as he had no input.

Sam’s love interest is Lou (Logan) who likes her but she doesn’t want commitment so she ridicules him in public and then seems concerned when he doesn’t show up at their writing class! Gee, I couldn’t think why. (Actually I could but I was being sarcastic). So she hunts him down. Which doesn’t make sense if you’re a commitment-phobia sufferer. He’s out, she was winning.

You can’t have a character behaving outside the boundaries you’ve established. It’s confusing. An example would be me slamming the door on some Jehovah Witnesses’ then running down the road after them. (Trust me I’m never doing that!) I want to slam the door, so doing an action that would bring them back would be pointless. It would’ve have been more believable if he was brought back into her life by a quirk of fate.

Then the son has a romance and then the mother and father get involved when the son’s romance becomes endangered…

Now this is over plotting! It didn’t need so many storylines. This was the main reason this did not work. What was the purpose of all these struggles?

It weakened the entire film not to construct a sensible branch of intermixing stories. So I’m not surprised the film hasn’t hit the big times as there are no big notes. No dazzle, no sparkles. It doesn’t even deserve to be a straight to DVD release. Even Lost managed better relationships than this.

I give 2/10 for this. Good cast but shame about the film.

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