Film Review: Step Up 4 – Miami Heat

Step Up 4 – Miami Heat was a great movie. I really loved it.

Ryan Guzman is great as Sean. I think he’s got a great career ahead of him. He was warm, witty and a great dancer.

The choreography simply blew me away. There are several excellent sequences especially in an art gallery. It was new and a great addition to the Step Up universe.

The gang were warm and likeable. You could imagine them hanging out where they did. The organisation that they put into the performances in the venues they chose, were fantastic.

Kathryn McCormick (from ‘So you think you can dance‘ series) shone as Emily. I felt her struggle as she wanted to dance but her dad wants her to be in business. Her auditions don’t go well due to her lack of confidence. She meets Sean who agrees to help her learn new dance movements. He’s also part of ‘The Mob’ a dance group that stages huge dance routines in public places, they do this to the unsuspecting public to get ‘YouTube’ hits.

The trouble starts when Emily’s dad wants to build a new development where Sean and his crew live. Will she help them or her father?

The only complaints I have are:

1. Moose from Step Up 2 & 3 only appears towards the end.

He doesn’t speak to any of the other dancers nor do any of them appear to acknowledge him. (Even Jason who called him and knows him from film 3!). Moose has one dance routine then he converses with Emily’s father. I would have liked to have seen him celebrate with the main group. He disappeared afterwards.

2. The secrecy of the ‘The Mob’ doesn’t make sense.

When Sean brings Emily in, there’s a huge amount of fuss from Eddie. ‘We’re top secret’. Nobody is supposed to know who they are. Sean then tells Emily who does what and how each member came into ‘The Mob‘. On the first meeting! And only Eddie really objects. The others don’t seem fussed and badger Eddie to accept her. Weakening the impression it was supposed to be super top secret. The group can call a large amount of dancers at short notice (even in a couple of hours in one case!). These dancers aren’t in the group. And if ‘The Mob’ is top secret then how can these dancers know them? How do they know the moves as each routine is different? (They don’t train with ‘The Mob’.) Even if they learn one routine with them what about afterwards? Does this group simply allow people to come and go?

Why imply a secret gang if they aren’t? It had a ‘Blue Peter’ feel of “Oh and here’s some dancers I made friends with earlier! All super trustworthy with no vetting needed! Taking secrets to the grave comes as standard!”

3. Another thing is that the costumes don’t hide everyone’s identity.

Ryan wore a hoodie at the beginning. Emily only wore a black hat in one and as they all get filmed and get on the news as well as You Tube – it was not real that no-one, anywhere, wouldn’t recognise any of them. So the whole; who is ’The Mob’? question was weakened.

The end dancing with three groups is simply breathtaking. All in time and flawless. I was spellbound. Nothing could spoil my enjoyment and the music was hip hop and toe tapping. A very enjoyable movie with great dance routines. 8/10 from me!

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