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RUSH 2013
Rush stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and is a very dynamic film. It’s based on a real event , which I always like. There are several films with this title, but this is Rush (2013).

Director Ron Howard does an impressive job. I liked the vision. Following the clash between two Formula 1 racers. During the German Grand Prix in 1976 Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) has an horrific crash. He should’ve died but survives. He vows to return to win the Japan Grand Prix later that year. His rival James Hunt (Hemsworth) stands in the way!

The film really takes you into the world of Formula 1. Team tactics, pit stops and even the vintage racing cars are used! Relationships are explored, you get the thrill of the crowds. It was all used to stunning effect.

The two main characters relationship is gripping. It was like a Klingon and Romulan battling for who would win! Hunt was the warrior whilst Lauda plotted away. I think most people are going to like Hunt, he’s far more flamboyant and charismatic. But you should take a closer look at Luada. He shows that tactics are a big part of the game and it isn’t all about whose the fastest on the track.

It provides the platform for a riveting ride. The fighting, tension and adrenaline all come together for this fitting drama. I really liked it. An epic biography tale of two men who shared a rivalry but were also linked by a common goal was very moving. The starting of their friendship, right through to the horrific crash and the aftermath.

Yes, there are some faults but I found myself ignoring them – as they did not detract from the film. The old English accent going slightly awry! I felt in some parts the story was a little dragged out and then a little over dramatic in places.

But I’m giving this film 8/10. It’s past the finishing line and I’m waving the chequered flag! Rush (2013) – you’re in!

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