Film Review: Rise of the Guardians

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Rise of The Guardians is another animation fest. I think the way that traditional characters like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are given an almost ‘superhero’ treatment is very cool.

I think it’s shaken up the franchise and given kids a different take. It reminded me a bit of the new Avengers cartoon. The voice talents include Chris Pine (Capt. Kirk – Star Trek) as Jack Frost, Hollywood stalwart Alec Baldwin as Santa, Isla Fisher (Home and Away, Scooby Doo) as the Tooth Fairy, Jude Law as Pitch the Bogeyman and Hugh Jackman (X Men Wolverine) as the Easter Bunny.

Now the plot might not stretch the mind, the Bogeyman is coming!? Sheesh, give me a break! But it’s the performances that make this movie a must see treat. Santa and the others must induct Jack Frost into the group of Guardians. Now, this could have been a yawn fest for adults, but anyone who could fall asleep during this – should be made to run around a field 30 times.

Its genius. The digital characters have quirky looks and I just love the ‘Batman’ type gadgets that were present. When they covered for the tooth fairy by doing her rounds, that was good. But it was the main story of what is worth fighting for, that shone through for me. It might have been an animation – but Jack’s journey of self discovery was very moving.

The main compliant for me was Jude Law, there are better actors out there who are better villains. He was okay, but to me the villain should shine. It bit like JR Ewing, you love to hate him. I found Jude’s portrayal below par to the others, so the threat wasn’t massive.

The final battle was simply movie gold. Well worth the wait and should go down as one of the highlights of 2012. I believe that in order to survive into the next millennium, a lot of childhood heroes will need ‘updating’. Kids today want more, movies now need to entertain the adults too, so the movies become more of a family thing – than just for kids.

This ticks all the boxes and more. A worthy 9/10 from me.

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