Film Review: Perks Of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower struggles on many fronts. I seem to be the only one whose noticed Emma Watson’s strange accent. Was she trying to be American?

My biggest gripe is that the gap between teacher and student is stereotyped. New boy in school struggles to make friends. His Maths teacher is nice to him but the boy makes a quip that if the teacher is his only friend, that’s depressing! Boring!

The time scales are too short. You can’t just move somewhere and make instant friends. It’s not like ordering your groceries on-line. Milk, butter, friend with no issues or scabs. So the woes of being alone were weakened as a result.

The three characters who ended up being friends were too mismatched to be entertaining. For me it was like an extended version of Dawson’s Creek – The Next Generation.

Nearly everything they did I’d seen in other films or TV shows. Emma standing up through the limo sunroof howling at the night. (BIG did that). Moody teens griping at the world (Nearly every teen movie going!) The list goes on.

Logan Lerman is a dull lead. There’s no charisma. (Speaking of Dawson’s Creek, I never liked Dawson. But I would have kissed his feet he had turned up in this!) He should’ve gone for another role. This was going nowhere fast.

Erza Miller did nothing for me at all. I certainly won’t be keeping an eye for this ‘newbie’. If I want dull, I’ll watch paint dry!

In fact the trio were like a poor man’s Harry Potter. I really didn’t shake off the image of Hermione. That’s how I knew I didn’t like it. I wanted Emma to swallow a potion and turn back to normal bookish Hermione with her catchphrase ‘I read all about it’.

The message you have to be odd and have weird friends to get along in life, is so samey. It’s like being force-fed gruel. Yuck!

A charmless effort all round. 1/10 from me.

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